Gift Ideas For The Houseproud Modern Man

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Buying gifts for men isn’t always easy, especially if they already have almost everything you could possibly think of.

Many men are independent and don’t like offering suggestions when asked what they want as a gift. That means you have to think a little harder to find them the perfect treat for any occasion.

One way to find a unique gift that a man will love is to think about his hobbies and interests. Even if these aren’t traditional male hobbies, such as fishing or driving, there is usually a gift option for almost every activity and interest you can imagine.

For example, men are becoming increasingly houseproud, with studies showing that many men are more interested in having a beautiful home than some women.

As such, you could consider treating him to a unique gift for the home. That doesn’t mean the dreaded vacuum cleaner: there are loads of inventive and stylish gifts that you can get for the houseproud man in your life.

If you’re stuck for a gift idea for a modern, houseproud gent, then here’s a selection of ideas to give you inspiration.

A Lamp

Lamps might sound like a boring gift, but many of them are modern works of art. There are stunning lamps on offer that could make the recipient’s home look amazing. So, consider giving the gift of light with a lamp by a renowned furniture designer. Try choosing a timeless, classic lamp to fit in with any style of décor.

A Watch Winder

If the man in your life loves his luxury watches, then you could treat him to a stunning watch winder.There are a range of stunning, traditional watch winders that look incredible and will help them to keep their analogue watches in top condition. These beautiful watch winders look like antiques and will make for a great focal point to almost any room.

A Globe Drinks Cabinet

If your friend loves their home as much as they love delicious alcoholic drinks and mixing tasty cocktails, then you might want to consider getting them a drinks globe. A drinks globe cabinet is a unique addition to a living room or study. It looks prestigious and makes a phenomenal talking point, so consider choosing one for the man in your life.

A Music Centre

A set of high-performance speakers can make for a practical and stylish gift for a music-loving man. Burton Blake offer a stunning range of audio devices that look good too. It’s also worthwhile checking out the latest surround sound systems and see if you can find one that will suit your male friend or relative. As speakers are not only stylish but also useful for listening to their favourite music, you should read reviews of the technology on the market, to make sure that you choose a quality solution.

A Beautiful Piece Of Artwork

Art is subjective, but if you know that your male friend or relation loves a specific artist or style of artwork, then you might want to consider getting them a painting or sculpture. A piece of art could be a unique gift, particularly if you select an original piece as a gift. Take the time to check out modern art options and choose one that will suit your friend’s home and style. If possible, see if you can talk to them about art and find out if there is something they have seen and liked, so that you can ensure that you choose the right piece of art for them.

Whether the gift is for a birthday, Christmas or another celebration, you want to make sure that the men in your life receive lovely gifts that they will cherish for many years to come. Whatever the occasion, there’s a home décor gift to suit the houseproud man you know and love.

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