Five car gift ideas for all budgets

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It can be intimidating trying to buy gifts for car lovers, especially if you’re not knowledgeable about cars yourself. Maybe you have a vague idea of what to get them but don’t know how much you should be looking to spend. Fear not! In this article, we highlight five great gift ideas beloved by car enthusiasts across the UK and offer you some purchasing advice.

Personalised number plates: £200+

The price of personalised plates has risen considerably in recent decades, and rare registration numbers are very much the preserve of the rich with five- to six-figure price tags. While this is the most expensive item on the list, getting your car lover’s initials onto their plates won’t completely break the bank. Purchasing the registration number itself will cost you anywhere upwards of £100 with the plates costing about £100 more into the bargain.

If you’re looking to purchase quality number plates on the cheap, search here on Primo Registrations for a one-stop-shop.

Track days and driving experiences: £100+

Most driving enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to put a car through its paces in a racing context. On track days, petrolheads bring their own vehicles to circuits, throwing them round at breakneck speeds. If your car’s more family than Formula one, then you can also find affordable driving experiences, which offer motorists the chance to get behind the wheel of a supercar. One of the UK’s biggest directories for both of these options is Track Days.

Driving shoes: £50+

Driving shoes are a little more kitsch than the other things on offer. These are the perfect gift for the car lover who already has everything else. Made with especially thin soles so that drivers can really feel their feet on the pedals, these are a luxury item, and this is reflected in the price tag.

Car hoover: £30+

You’d be surprised how many car enthusiasts end up wheeling out cumbersome upright hoovers to the garage to awkwardly clean the inside of their pride and joy. A handheld hoover that’s fully fit for purpose makes a functional present for any car lover who likes to keep their car spick and span. You’ll find a fine selection online or in specialist motor stores.

Car care kit: £15+

A car care kit is another slightly cheaper option to help them keep their car looking fresh. The best kits offer comprehensive care to get the car looking like it’s new off the lot: glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, tyre shine, powerful wash, vinyl shine and detailing wax. Some kits also include premium cleaning cloths for the windows and the body of the car. Make sure to choose an eco-friendly option where possible as cheaper cleaners will often be laced with unfriendly chemicals. Click here for Auto Quarterly’s review of the best car care kits on the market in 2019.

If nothing else, these gift ideas will hopefully have got you thinking. Whatever you choose to get your gearhead, do your research and make sure you don’t get ripped off!

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