Alphabet_Chair_lampAlphabet was founded in late 2010 by designer Fee Storey. By marrying fresh and bold colours with simple shapes, Fee creates clean and contemporary surface patterns, which translate into a funky collection of hand screen- printed goodies for you and your home.  Inspired by Scandinavian design, mid-century style and urban living, Alphabet offers a colourful collection of homewares and gifts for people who love pattern.

Fee Storey’s wonderful Alphabet designs are still, if one could use the analogy, in their infancy as a company, although the assured, stylish pieces on offer show a maturity beyond their years. As they veer towards toddler status, Alphabet is showing more innovation while staying true to the simple, and admirable ethos which saw the company founded in late 2010.

Best described (by the eminently charming Fee herself over coffee) as surface design rather than textile based, the range covers a capsule kids’ range, while the primary focus is on desirable, timeless homeware and lifestyle pieces.

The epiphany at the heart of the brand gifted its name at the same time; taking inspiration from the English alphabet, and breaking down the constituent parts of the letters themselves into patterns and designs.

Running throughout the designs are simple, bold shapes and beautiful patterns, creating a vibrancy and warmth regardless of palate, which ranges from vintage pastels to the bold primary colours which are so covetable at the moment.

Hand printed with silkscreens, the artisan process enhances the intimacy of the brand, and the process itself has influenced the evolution of the patterns and prints in the new collection; as the scale has increased so has a greater detail and sophistication in the images overall.

All we know is that these are wonderful, engaging pieces which will enhance any room in the home. As easy as A, B, C………

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