5 cool gift ideas for technology lovers

Photo Credit: Alan Quirván via www.pexels.com

Do you need to find a present for someone who’s into technology? Whether it’s an upcoming birthday or a surprise treat, it can be tricky knowing what to buy if you aren’t so savvy yourself. But don’t panic – there are plenty of gadgets out there to suit all kinds of tech lovers.

One issue you might face is knowing what they own already. Over three quarters of UK households own smart home devices for entertainment, for example, while a third live with a smart speaker. It could be worth doing some recon to avoid any repeat buys – but if you’re still in the early research phase, here are five solid options.

A microcontroller kit

Does the person you’re buying for have a budding interest in programming? If so, a microcontroller kit will help them hone their skills in a variety of programming languages.

Raspberry Pi kits allow you to create a whole host of cool projects, from functional desktop computers to smart home systems and even retro gaming consoles. Other popular development platforms include Arduino and micro:bit.

Home theatre equipment

If your gift receiver is a big TV and film geek, home theatre tech could take their movie nights to the next level. A full kit will likely cost a little more than you want to spend – but there are plenty of individual items that make a difference.

A projector is an obvious winner if it suits their home setup. Other ideas include smart lights, surround sound speakers or even a popcorn machine.

A drone

Drones can be divisive, with some finding them exciting and others labelling them a nuisance. Either way, PwC predicts there’ll be some 76,000 in our skies by 2030 – and you can do some pretty cool stuff with them!

A big benefit is how they inspire you to get outside and visit amazing places. So if your recipient loves travel, photography or both, a drone is perfect!

A Go Pro

On a similar note, a Go Pro will allow your friend or loved one to capture cool footage on the move. They’re especially ideal if they enjoy any extreme sports, like mountain biking or surfing, for example.

Go Pros are also great for recording precious family moments – like a child riding a bike for the first time.

A smart garden

We’ve all heard of smart home tech by now – but why stop inside? Smart garden gadgets offer a whole range of benefits, from hassle-free watering to better soil nutrition.

Some smart garden tech is designed for indoor use too – which could be perfect if your recipient wants to grow their own herbs or help houseplants thrive.

There are few things in life more rewarding than giving the perfect gift. Could any of these options suit your favourite tech lover?

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