4 Popular Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Photo credit: Daria Shevtsova via www.pexels.com

Many people enjoy reading books in their free time. Reading is a popular hobby that provides a great entertainment source and develops valuable skills and knowledge. Books are a wonderful gift idea as they can transport the reader to different places and expose them to new ideas and experiences. Books are also affordable presents that can easily be regifted or swapped once read. That said, finding a unique gift for a book lover can be a struggle. To give you some ideas, here are four popular gift ideas for the book lovers in your life.

1. Bestselling novel

The most obvious present for a book lover is one of the latest bestselling novels. You can look online to view the most popular new releases. According to Waterstones, the bestselling fiction books of 2020 include The Mirror & the Light, The Lying Life of Adults, and Hamnet. Make sure you consider what genre of book the recipient enjoys, i.e., do they tend to read crime thrillers or do they prefer science fiction fantasy novels. It is also a good idea to provide a gift receipt so the recipient can exchange the book if they’ve already read it. You can make a book gift every more special by having it autographed by the author at a book-signing event.

2. Book subscription

Book subscriptions make fantastic gifts for people that love to read and explore different genres. You can find an impressive variety of book subscription boxes UK that offer literature to suit different genres and tastes. The best thing about a subscription gift is that the recipient will receive an exciting new present every month and will get to enjoy your gift for several months. The recipient will also have the chance to tailor the subscription box to suit their interests and preferences.

3. Personalised bookmark

Every avid reader needs a bookmark. A bookmark is used to mark the reader’s place in a book and protect the pages to extend the lifespan of the book. A bookmark is a useful gift that the reader can use again and again. Remember that a bookmark doesn’t need to be a boring gift; there is a huge selection of bookmarks in beautiful designs and patterns. You can make your gift every more meaningful by creating a personalised bookmark. Adding a personal touch like an image or text will make your gift more thoughtful and special. You can visit sites like Etsy to create a personalised bookmark gift.

4. Reading light

A reading light is another practical gift for any book lover. Again, this gift doesn’t need to be boring. There is a fantastic variety of cool and quirky reading lights that are sure to impress. For instance, you can purchase an eye-catching anglerfish reading light that attaches to the top of the book. Many reading lights also block blue light so the reader can enjoy a few chapters of their favourite book before bed without affecting their sleep quality.

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