Wellbeing Sisters

Hi there, as you know I’m a huge fan of the brand and we share many of the same values, so talk me through…

How does it all work?

Wellbeing Sisters is a clean beauty, health and lifestyle subscription box for women that’s tailored to different stages of womanhood, as well as an online shop and expert hub.

Our eco-chic subscription boxes are delivered every other month, and the boxes available are:

–           THRIVE for every woman

–           HOPE for women trying to conceive

–           BLOOM for pregnancy

–           LOVE for early motherhood

–           EVOLVE for midlife, menopause and beyond

Each box is a carefully curated selection of clean beauty products, supplements, healthy drinks or snacks, and/or lifestyle products, along with expert advice and a nutritious recipe.

You can either buy a subscription for yourself: 1 box (£60), 3 boxes (£160), or 6 boxes (£300), and choose the box you would like, or else you can gift a subscription package. If you buy for yourself, your subscription will continue to roll once your initial package ends (charged every other month), but when gifting, the subscription ends when the package you’ve purchased ends.

Our shop has a range of toxin-free, healthy alternatives to your everyday products that have been carefully selected from the brands that feature in our boxes.

Our expert hub is a blog, which includes articles by us, our in-house and guest experts, as well as nutritious recipes.

The evolution of the brand, when & why did you decide to do this?

We came up with the idea when Natasha was going through fertility treatment. She’d been told there was nothing she could do to improve her fertile health and that she was unlikely to have children with her own eggs. After trying IVF using Jessica’s eggs (amazing sister award!) and many other things, Natasha took her fertility into her own hands and made it her mission to get her body (and mind) in the best possible shape to give IVF with her own eggs one last shot.

Natasha’s extensive research and consultation with various experts led her to discover that there were toxins lurking in her beauty, skincare and home products which could be damaging her fertility. Switching her daily products to clean alternatives, taking top quality nutritional supplements and tweaking her diet had a phenomenally positive impact – Natasha gave birth to a healthy baby girl in Nov ‘20!

Jessica, who had tirelessly supported Natasha throughout her journey, repeatedly asked why the information that helped Natasha’s dreams come true wasn’t readily available for every woman who was trying to conceive – or in fact every woman?! Why didn’t women know about the potentially harmful effects of toxins? Why was it so hard to get clear, reliable advice about the benefits of supplements and the power of what we eat? Why wasn’t there one online place where women could shop for gorgeous, tried-and-tested, toxin-free beauty, skincare and lifestyle products?

With a huge amount of support from our in-house experts, Melanie Brown (nutritionist), Dr Larisa Corda, and Tahira Herold (beauty expert), we started a business for women trying to conceive (FertiliBox) but soon realised that women at every stage of womanhood could benefit from clean, toxin-free living – so in 2020 we rebranded and Wellbeing Sisters was born! At the beginning of August this year we launched the first clean beauty, health and lifestyle subscription box for women that’s tailored to the different stages of womanhood.

I love the names of the boxes & that there’s one for everyone, who came up with the names?

We actually asked our social media followers to suggest a name for a one-off midlife/menopause box we released last summer. Someone suggested EVOLVE, which we loved! After that, we had a brainstorming session and the other names just flowed out!

It’s such an incredible concept & I for one am horrified at some of the “nasties” in the products I use, is that one of the key drivers for you? To educate women on what we routinely put in or on our bodies?

Absolutely! Our key aim is to arm women with the information they need to make decisions about what they put in and on their bodies. That’s why we created the Naughty List – a searchable database of harmful toxins, so that women can check their own products, or those they are considering buying – as well as curating the Wellbeing Sisters shop and subscription service (where we’ve already done all the checking for you!).

We’re all about reducing your overall exposure to potentially harmful toxins and improving your nutrition and lifestyle to help you feel and look your best, both inside and out. When Natasha was first trying to reduce her exposure to toxins and improve her nutrition, it was time-consuming, costly and stressful! We want to make improving your health and wellbeing truly enjoyable and accessible to every woman.

Do you feel we are more in tune with the mind, body, spirit connection since the pandemic?

You know, we probably are. Life is often so busy and we are constantly on the go, which means we sometimes run on autopilot. During the pandemic we were all forced to take our foot off the gas and slow down, which gave us time and space to reflect. We all began to think a lot more about our physical health, our mental and emotional states, those things we truly value, and to consider what aspects of our lives we might want to change in order to improve them. We’ve all also spent a lot of time in our own company, or with a more select group of people, again which has given people the opportunity to evaluate their priorities, and to get to know themselves and their loved ones on a much deeper level.

What does a day in the life of the Wellbeing Sisters look like?

It can be anything from liaising with our clean brand partners or investors, recruiting new experts in women’s health and hosting masterclasses, to using our creative juices to plan content for upcoming boxes, packing and sending out orders, managing stock, budgeting and forecasting – and of course – endlessly researching and checking the latest information on ingredients. We are a small team of highly motivated women with a true passion for what we believe in – helping every woman to improve their health and wellbeing, naturally. Our days are jam-packed full, but with a fair amount of fun and laughter thrown in for good measure!

As successful, female, entrepreneurs yourself. What advice would you give to other female start-ups?

I think our number one piece of advice would be to not be too hard on yourself. It’s so exciting when you have that first ‘eureka’ moment, that spark of an idea that you just want to run with, but building a new business from scratch is hard! Yes, it can come with great reward, but it also comes with many hurdles along the way. When you’re faced with those setbacks it’s important not to be too hard on yourself. Don’t criticise or berate yourself for your mistakes – because you definitely will make them – but you’ll also learn from them! If you’re constantly doubting or criticising yourself it can feel harder to come back from those challenging moments, so just be kind to yourself.

What is the most popular box?

At the moment it’s our HOPE box for women trying to conceive. We started out life as FertiliBox and had such a huge and loyal customer base that came along with us when we grew into Wellbeing Sisters, but we’re excited to see what happens over the coming months. We have a strong suspicion that EVOLVE, our box for midlife and menopause, will be pinching the top spot pretty soon!

  • Who would be your dream client to gift a box?

We’d love to send a box to Davina McCall, her taboo-busting attitude to speaking openly and honestly about the menopause is so refreshing, and frankly something that’s long-overdue! We’re excited to read her book Menopausing (created in collaboration with menopause expert Dr Louise Newson) when it hits the shelves next year!

  • How would you describe in 3 words your mission statement?

Healthy, happy women!

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