Hi both, love your brand & as you know you have some celeb fans too after my hello shoot, so tell me…

A day in the life of Natasha & Sheena

Our days are always varied, but one constant is the morning start – a good boost of fresh air whilst walking the pup Ruby Star and a big cup of tea. Depending on where we are in the year, our day could consist of anything from sketching new designs, reviewing samples, admin, working on PR and marketing, to brainstorming. We love that each day is different, it keeps us energised.

As jewellery designers, is this your dream job?

Absolutely without a doubt! We are lucky enough to be surrounded by the most precious metals and gemstones every day and get to create vibrant, eclectic and inspired jewellery we feel passionate about for our STELLAR 79 community to wear and enjoy.

What is your favourite piece that you’ve designed?

We adore all of our jewellery creations, as each piece has a story to tell. Right now, we love seeing the newly launched Wonder Ring on so many different hands across the world. The Wonder ring was inspired by a trip to Cairo, Egypt and is a contemporary take on one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

What’s behind the name?

It is basically two of our greatest loves combined…gold and stars!

‘STELLAR’ is the Latin word relating to a star or stars and ‘79’ is the atomic number for gold. So, inverted this translates to GOLD STAR.

As a Stylist, I’m a big fan of jewellery as it completes a look & adds a different dimension to it. Why do you think it’s so important?  

We couldn’t agree more, that is the beauty of jewellery. It has the natural power to brighten, elevate and transform any look at any time for any occasion. We truly believe that jewellery not only completes a look, but also has the ability to tap into emotions and creates a feel-good uplifting vibe which is both empowering and alluring.

What’s the ethos behind the brand?


As a luxury British demi-fine jewellery brand, we are dedicated to creating vibrant, eclectic and inspired 18 karat gold vermeil jewellery, offering contemporary styles, mixed with precious stones and exquisite craftmanship.

We believe in empowering women, embracing individuality and expression of style. By wearing our jewellery, we hope you will feel beautiful, confident, strong and inspired.

STELLAR 79 jewellery is created with passion and integrity. Each piece is made with a conscience, adhering to strict ethical guidelines, using the finest quality ethically sourced gemstones and being environmentally friendly, using recyclable packaging.

We have always been strong advocates for diversity, equality, inclusivity, knowledge and education, and as a POC female-founded small business, we are proud to support the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and Educate Girls charity.

With every sale of the Lune Studs*, STELLAR 79 will donate 100% of the profits to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust* until stocks last

With every sale of the ‘Stellar Studs’ STELLAR 79 will donate 10% of the profits to Educate Girls.

As a successful small business yourself. What advice would you give to other female led small businesses starting out?

Take your time, research, formulate clear ideas and objectives, make a plan, believe in yourself and take the leap.

Who or what inspires you?

So many things! We draw inspiration for our designs from our joint experience and interest in fashion and beauty, travel, fascination with celestial bodies, love of art and our strong Mauritian and Trinidadian heritage. With all of these combined, the inspiration is endless.

Who would be your dream client to see in Stellar 79?

There are so many strong, empowered and formidable women whom we admire and would love to see wearing our STELLAR 79 jewellery, here are just a few: Michelle Obama, Megan Markle, Amal Clooney, Beyonce, Judi Dench, Jameela Jamil, Joanna Lumley and Serena Williams.

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