Om & Ah London founders Claire Cooper and Charlotte Girdwood

An ethical lifestyle brand, Om & Ah London are passionate about their manufacturers, suppliers and materials all being of a high standard. With the gorgeous range including candles, crystal water bottles, yoga wear, mugs and even cushion covers, here at SN we are huge fans.

I was recently sent a new-favourite top from Om & Ah, their La Luna Long-Sleeved Tee (£38). A super flattering fit, the flowing fabric is soft and slouchy. Easy-to-wear yet stylish and ethically sourced, for me, this is what Om & Ah is all about. It’s become a staple wardrobe piece.

Other items on the Om & Ah wish-list are their roll sleeve tees, accessory bags and cosy sweats too. Featuring Insta-fab logos such as Perfectly Imperfect, the entire range is completely on-trend, while having that timeless element too. There’s a menswear range as well, meaning your Mr needn’t miss out.

Taking five minutes to tell me all about their brand journey, I spoke with Om & Ah founders, Claire Cooper and Charlotte Girdwood.Tell us about the story behind Om and Ah’s creation?

We came up with the idea of Om & Ah as we are both passionate and have a genuine love for people’s well-being and comfort. We wanted the brand to have an ethical stance, so we only work with ethical suppliers and manufacturers with high standards for our apparel and luxury loungewear.

Where do you seek inspiration from?

Good question! Very much within our own lives, our travels and our circumstances. Om & Ah for us has so much heart and soul. It’s a brand that isn’t orchestrated by what other brands are doing, but simply by the ever-changing world and the beauty that surrounds us.

What do you like to do on the days when you’re not working?

We do take days off, but we also work very hard. That said, we know when to take time out for ourselves. It’s usually with family & friends. The great outdoors has a huge pull for us, reconnecting with earth and grounding ourselves. We both have similar interests- so we love hitting local markets, making a day of it and having a good mooch. And of course, finding a local Kombucha supplier!

How do you feel about the future of fashion and sustainability?

We are so passionate about the environment and humanity. Brands have to be doing better each day and not get complacent. We need to keep finding ways of being more ethical and putting the pressure on manufacturers. Brands have the power to change circumstances. We just so happen to be vegan and are very aware of our own personal footprint on the planet and how we can be better each day.

We work very hard to bring that thinking into Om & Ah- as a brand we only work with sweatshop-free manufacturers and ensure our environmentally friendly sustainable products are certified as such. We are also working on bringing more 100% organic lines and championing our recycling ethos. For example, all our postal bags are recycled, and we encourage everyone to do the same once they have received their order. We’ve made a conscious decision as a brand to stamp down on plastic and we only use vegan products.

If you could pass one message on to StyleNest readers, what would that be?

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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