Nicole Nordin for INUIKII

Hi ladies, it’s so great to meet you, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat to us…

What is it, or who is it, that inspires you?

I love the INUIKII team, we have such a great and inspiring teamwork. I work close with Cinzia Maag who’s extremely talented, determined and at the same time grounded. I also look up to women who are straightforward, honest, loyal and relentless in following their own path while supporting other women to succeed in their aspirations. Those qualities are fierce. Nothing beats the combination of being smart and classy with a genuinely kind heart. Reflects my teams in Zurich and Stockholm.

Ive come to a point, where I am today in business to understand the importance to surround myself with those who lift me up, encourage and inspire me.

Flexibility, independency and freedom inspire me in my entrepreneurship. To be able to do something that I love and build a career of that. That’s the goal and a dream I’m pursuing.

Working with something that I have a passion for is key for maintaining energy and inspiration while enjoying the consistent everyday hustle it takes to reach set goals. I’m not giving up!

How would you describe your own, personal style? 

Classic with a twist of rock occasionally, my inspiration is Yves Saint Laurent. I love to pair classic pieces, like the perfect pair of denim, with something ”extra” like a shirt with an aesthetic edge or a great coat. I’m always on the go, so practical outerwear and comfortable pair of INUIKII that I can walk all day are essential. We all know that the right shoes can lift the whole outfit 😉

I’m a big fan of modern bigger proportions. Most important to me is to be comfortable in what I’m wearing. Oversized both looks and feels good.

Furthermore, I tend to adapt my style to where I’m travelling; more tailored in NYC, bohemian romantic in Paris and definitely bringing colours and fun prints to Milan.

Fashion and style is a whole mood affecting both the way you feel and also how you are perceived by others; in a positive way. It allows for personal expression and strengthened confidence.

I know that INUIKII is all about sustainability, what was it that inspired this decision?

INUIKII is a European produced brand, handmade with close attention to detail. High quality craftsmanship and sustainability are at the core of our brand.

We create timeless pieces that never go out of style. The newest addition in our FW21 collection includes styles Abacá and Vegan style Grape, produced out of banantex and vegea, grape marc from an Italian wine industry, respectively.

We are an independent brand, continuously developing and using new emerging techniques available in the market to be in the forefront in sustainable business.

What is your favourite style in the AW21 collection?

Hard to choose as every pair is a dream and unique. A pair of INUIKII will add a touch to your style and you can easily mix match from your wardrobe in it to your own personal style

Three favourite designs and what I love most about them.

Sneaker Full Leather Black. Update to our iconic Classic Sneaker. Perfect for any outfit. Daily wear. Perfect for the London weather. A classic style with a twist. Perfect to wear from office, to pick-up from school to a walk.

Boot Bomber Star. Fashion iconic piece that stands out. Aligns well with who I am. New for the season. Cosiest yet coolest of styles I’ve worn. I’ve never gotten so many compliments for a pair of boots before.

Trekking Plain Beige. Its Bold, multifunctional and has a high- performance craftsmanship made with layers of study leather and soft shearling. The sole is chunky for a maximum grip. I will wear them in the city and for my hikes in the Swiss mountains. INUIKII really shows the variety of what we can do with this one.

I am in love with the Raffia Moon slipper in green it is one of my favourites. Where did the inspiration come from for this unique design? 

I love the new feminine interpretation of the original and iconic summer slipper. It has a flat sole combined with the same ergonomic footbed. This silhouette fits perfectly for my Scandinavian minimalistic style. And its covered with the finest leather. We think ahead for the women of tomorrow. All INUIKII’s are handmade and produced with love and finest materials in Europe.

With many of us still working from home, it is important to have shoes that make us happy. Was this the inspiration behind the cosy home slippers in the AW21 range.

I am pairing my Cosy Slippers with a suit for a day at the office as well as a cup of  tea on the couch; they are perfectly suited for both outdoors and indoors occasion. The vast popularity of wearing your Cosy Slippers at home was a result of the WFH regulations due to the pandemic. I am glad that this slipper has become such an all round multifunctional slipper.

Who would be the dream person that you would like to see wearing INUIKII? 

Before I would have said Olivia Palermo but I was “head over heels” when I saw her wearing the yellow INUIKII this winter; such a statement piece and great style inspiration. My next go to would be Hailey Bieber. She is an icon, I think they would fit her effortless style in LA.

Here at we feel as though your shoes can be worn by any age or gender, was this a conscious decision when designing the collections? 

I think that there are no rules in fashion – you set your own! One thing is sure though; every day is extra and our life is our runway – so make sure you dress the way you feel comfortable with and keep doing you.

INUIKII shoes has the power to make you feel confident in any situation! They are my go-to and I always feel comfortable in them wherever I go and with whomever I meet. INUIKII has a way of playing with materials creating shoes that can really transform a look (and mood!). The shoes are practical, yet fun with shapes and eye-catching colour combinations making any look interesting.

Theres something for everyone. You can decide everyday who you want to be in your INUIKIIs.

What does a day in the life of partners Cinzia Maag and Nicole Nordin look like? 

We both live and breath the brand as you can see in our style and personalities. We can both work prestigelesly from office to tradeshows and successfully hosting events together. We share the same passion for the brand and entrepreneurship which makes our everyday work fun and stimulating.

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