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We chat to mum of five and founder of, Nathalie Genty and find out all about motherhood and 

You are a mum of five & look absolutely incredible. First of all, do you have any beauty & skincare secrets?

My daytime cream is Multi-Active Day SPF 20 by Clarins and I’m loyal to Chanel Teint Ultra Perfection Lumière foundation. I use very little makeup, but I like Shocking eyeliner by YSL. I always carry it in my handbag, along with Clarins handcream and Chanel blusher for a pop of colour. I won’t go to bed before applying Advanced Night Repair serum of Estée Lauder. And I use my kids’ baby shampoo! I love the smell .

How do you balance being a working mum with such a big brood?

It’s really important to me to make time for both work and family; I always strive for a happy and healthy balance. When I’m not in the office, I’m in 100% mum mode. No smartphones or TV for me until the children are in bed. My top tip is to not try to juggle everything at once!

Are your five children your biggest critics?

I’m incredibly lucky that my family is very supportive of my work. I wouldn’t say that my five children are my biggest critics, but I always keep their opinion in mind when working on Melijoe. I love the fact that they are confident in mixing and matching their own style, and would always want to make sure that there is something for each of their personalities, as I know that children love to express themselves through their clothing.

What was the inspiration behind launching Melijoe?

It was after the birth of my first child that I first discovered kid’s fashion, but I was surprised at the lack of inspiration. There was nowhere I could go to look for trends or a site that had the same level of aesthetic in the shoots as in adult fashion so I decided to create the site of my dreams with the very best edit of childrenswear brands from around the globe.

How does Melijoe compare to other childrenswear e-tailers?

We were the first children’s online store in France. Being pioneers, we’re constantly refreshing the site, always creating a curated edit of over 150 designers, a mix of brands and styles, to ensure that the customer is constantly curious as to what we will showcase next. We pride ourselves on being the ultimate g inspiration destination in children’s fashion, having a mix of iconic designer labels as well as the best edit of up-and-coming smaller labels, so we offer something for all budgets. Press often compare us to the Net-a-Porter for kids.

What brands do you stock on Melijoe and from what ages?

We stock incredible luxury designer brands but also many small, up and coming independent labels. I like to introduce people to new labels they may never have otherwise discovered. There is something for all ages – from newborn to 14! We really encourage mixing exclusive and affordable brands to create exceptionally unique looks for all stages of a child’s life. New brands I’m really excited about for SS18 include Balmain, Stella McCartney Kids, Mini Rodini, Neil Barrett, Milk & Biscuits and Tiny Cottons.

What is your background?

Melijoe was born out of the dot com bubble; I was part of the creation of various start-ups before launching Melijoe in 2007. There weren’t many women working in tech when I got started and I am proud to have created from my little apartment in Paris!

What’s your brand ethos?

We really believe that buying good quality children’s clothes shouldn’t be a chore and so we strive to ensure that our customer’s shopping experience is as smooth as possible.

When you are not busy working, what do you like to do to unwind?

I love interior décor, so love to spend my free time looking at design sites, it always leaves me feeling so inspired. My husband, Nicolas, works in London so I also try to plan regular weekends away for just the two of us. Just hopping over to London for a few days is wonderful.

Living in Paris, can you recommend some favourite family friendly spots (restaurants/shops/cafés)?

I live and work in the 10th arrondissement and I love the local shops and artisans. Some of my favourite spots to hang out include the restaurants Richer and 52 Faubourg; and The Galerie Sakura in the 3rd arrondissement. Paris also has great parks for families, which are great for picnics in the summer.

Do you have any exciting projects you are working on that you can share with our readers?

We have some really exciting collaborations with top designers coming up and we are also going to be the first to debut the Sonia Rykiel 50 years anniversary line.

In a few sentences, what is an average day like?

We have a morning breakfast ritual whereby we all sit together around the table before the kids go to school and I go to work. Once the kids are dropped off, I go to work. I’m so lucky that my office is right between home and school — I can even go home to kiss the children in the afternoon if I want. When I come home, no two evenings are exactly alike, except for when everyone brushes their teeth and goes to bed. They big thing at the moment is playing The Voice all together! They are very funny and into it!!! The children are easy, so I never have any trouble getting them to sleep. Once they’re down, I work, or I surf home décor sites or sometimes I just go to bed at the same time as the children.

What advice would you give mums out there who want to start their own business? 

Starting your own business is always scary at first. You must follow your intuition, be agile, be creative, reactive, flexible and above all… put in the time and work for what you want to achieve.

Do you have any top tips for first time mums?

Enjoy your pregnancy—it’s so special. I luckily loved being pregnant with my five children. And, of course, check out the Melijoe newborn list.

Do you have any top tips on dressing little ones for occasions?

Children should always dress according to their personalities; I think it’s great to express individuality, especially for special occasions! My top tip would be to make sure that you choose a smart pair of shoes – they can really elevate an outfit. Gucci does beautiful flats and smart sneakers.

Where do you expect to see Melijoe in 5 years time?

It’s still a bit of ‘pinch-me’ moment when I think how far Melijoe has come so far. We now employ 50 people, it’s really incredible. I’m constantly thinking of new ways and ideas to develop Melijoe into an ever-more international, hybrid and flexible platform. Ultimately my hope is to keep offering the best selection of children’s fashion, presenting it in a directional and inspiring way.

What’s your motto?

Step back and think twice

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