Nanna Liv

Nanna LivWe chat to the brainchild of Sargossa, Nanna Liv who bridges the gap between comfort and stylish footwear.

It’s hard to think that Sargossa was only founded a year ago as it feels like such an established brand already. What was your inspiration behind the brand?

I noticed a gap in the market for sexy, yet comfortable shoes. I wanted to create a brand to help busy women survive an entire day in their high heels. Once Sargossa was born, I quickly gained loyal following who also appreciate being able to look good and feel great in their shoes.

You have redefined footwear by combining style and comfort. How important is it that we look after our feet?

Really important. Think of it this way, your feet are literally walking you though life. They are the foundation of your body, and by keeping your feet healthy, it has an effect on the way you feel completely.

For our readers who have yet to experience the slipper-like comfort of Sargossa, can you tell us what sets Sargossa apart from an average pair of heels?

Traditional heels that are 10cm high, over 86% of your weight is pushed to the ball of your foot. When I was developing SARGOSSA heels, I focused on ensuring that the wearer’s weight would be distributed more evenly, evening out the pressure form your body to the whole foot. The ergonomic design is coupled with our patent pending insole, which gives you an extra soft and comfortable surface to walk on.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about the specially integrated insole and ergonomic design?

The pillow-like insole of each pair is built into the heel itself, and ultra comfort with every step. The insole features a small air pocket with mini fibres covered with a medical grade memory foam to give your feet a both a soft surface to bounce from while also allowing your toes to breathe.

Sargossa offers a range of wardrobe staples as well as statement pieces. What is your inspiration behind designing a new shoe?

My inspiration comes from everything in my daily life, in particular, on days when I experience something new or unique and I love that I never know when its going to strike me. For example, the scalloped edges of the Momentum style were influenced by a recent trip to the sea. The Chase boot, a new style from our AW15 collection, was inspired by geometric patterns and patchwork quilts.

With LFW just coming and going, can you tell us what footwear trends we will see emerging over the next season?

We will see a lot of geometric patterns, exotic skins and suede, and of course the popularity of the pointed high heel will carry through to the next season.

When you’re not busy working, what do you like to do to unwind?

I truly appreciate doing something rewarding for my soul and body. A massage is a great way to completely relax then it’s always great to release tension with a demanding workout. With the two combined I’m ready to take on the world. Besides that, I love spending time with my dog and quality time with my friends.

What other footwear designers do you admire?

I admire Alexander McQueen for his model of expression and his ability to create something truly extraordinary and timeless. I adore Sophia Webster’s creations – her shoes are quite magical! I also find Jimmy Choo as a great inspiration.

Can you tell us any exciting projects you may be working on?

Well it’s a secret, but now you ask so I guess I’ll have to tell! I’m creating a bridal collection of shoes where brides can personalize each pair with an engraved message under the shoe.

Can you tell our readers what an average day is like in the life of Nanna Liv?

An average day is not that average at SARGOSSA HQ – I have many different decisions to make throughout the day. I am deeply involved in much of the business, as I find it important that I know what is going on in all aspects of the brand, especially ensuring that we deliver what it is, that our customers want, need and demand. Some weeks I travel a lot, and others I am in the office for intense design sessions. Not one day or week is ever the same here, but that is precisely what excites and keeps driving me.

You inscribe the sole of your stilettos with an empowering mantra, can you tell us your favourite motto?

All of them resonate with me for different reasons, but the one that always puts a smile on my face is: If only men were as satisfying as shoes.

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