Hi Sylvia, I LOVE your kaftans & your journey is fascinating, tell me all about it.

Hi there, it’s a delight to meet you. As you know, I am a big fan of your brand, tell me what or who inspires you?

Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me! The biggest inspiration I got from travelling, I am big observer, I love unique people, cultures, what they are wearing in a different countries. So I think my biggest inspirations are coming from travelling and people.

Can you tell us a little bit behind the name Monoo?

As we all know , to create a good brand name is sometimes difficult. Monoo comes from Kimono, it is easy to pronounce, easy to remember and reminds of kimono.Our logo ( wings), that is coming from my first Kimono that we made, with golden wings on the back.

Your pieces are incredible – who would you most like to see wearing one?

Who I would love to see in my kimonos? well, I love woman’s, all of us are incredible, all of us deserve a good life, success, luxury. I am open to all kind of woman’s, bigger, smaller, tall, short,  there is no age, race , as we all have a story in life.I would love to see confident, woman  who love life, free spirited and good heart ones. If we are talking about someone who is well known or famous, well Jennifer Lopez is the first who will come to my mind. Love her energy, with age she looks better and better.

What is your favourite piece in the collection?

This is super difficult question, as each collection that we created, we will wear ourselves. I love wings, skulls and stars this is my spirit motifs. To be honest I love most of them , the more colours the better, it is showing my personality and my vibe.

I love that your pieces are one size fits all. Was this a conscious choice?

My favourite quote is ” dont change to fit the fashion, change fashion to fits you”. All woman’s are different, we all have different heights, body shapes, curves, breast , so I would like to create something for all of us woman’s, as we are all have different body .

You also offer a bespoke service which is fabulous – is this a popular choice?

Yes it is, and it will give you an opportunity to change the belt colour or applique on the back. I think we have such a big selection ready made ones that choice is huge,from very plain mono colour, to vibrant laud neons. I am sure all woman’s will fin something they will like.

You love colour and your designs are enriched with spiritual references, is this a reflection of your personality?

Yes definitely. I love colours, neons and it is showing my personality. I am very open minded and love laughing and talking, while my sister is a bit more quite . I like to stand out from the crowd, so vibrant colours of our kaftans are really me.

Do you feel that post-pandemic that women are ready to embrace glam again?

I think we all want our life’s to come back to normal, free from travel restrictions. I think we all waiting for a green light to travel , so definitely we all all ready to embrace the glam , and enjoy life as before pandemic.

What does a day in the life of Monoo look like?

We always have loads to do,days starting to check the emails, reply to our consulting agency emails and messages, we are planning collections, events,dealing with orders, and meeting clients in our studio. Monoo day is vibrant as our kaftans.

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