Maya Brenner

We chat to the Maya Brenner, jewellery designer to the stars to chat about her latest collection, Found Object.
You started your brand as making gifts for your loved ones, when did you know jewellery was what you wanted to make your career?
I originally moved to New York to pursue a career in social work. I’ve always been interested in the process of making things and jewellery, so I taught myself how to wire-wrap, and I would make jewellery at night for my personal enjoyment and as a way to decompress. At that time, I was mostly making beaded designs, charmingly simple, yet captivating in their own way. To my surprise, strangers began approaching me on the street and interested in my jewellery. As fate would have it, a store approached me, eager to showcase my creations and not long after that, a sales rep found me and I got into Anthropologie in 2000.
You’ve just launched your new Found Objects collection, can you tell me your inspiration and who it is made for?
Found Objects is very special to me–it stems from my love of travel and passion for collecting special trinkets. It’s a true reflection of my distinct style and adventurous spirit. It’s a curated assortment of timeless classics that can either make a statement when worn individually or create an enchanting, whimsical look when jumbled together on a single chain. I searched high and low for the most colourful, interesting and unique pieces that would feel like treasures that you stumbled upon traveling the world. Each style was selected to be that one-of-a-kind instant heirloom that we all crave.
Meghan Markle launched your brand into the UK and mainland Europe, tell me more about that experience.
That was such an exciting time. I launched the Asymmetrical Letter Necklace in 2007. So, by that point in 2016, my brand was pretty well-established here in the US, but when she was spotted wearing an “M H” necklace, revealing for the first time her relationship with Prince Harry, that essentially catapulted MB to international fame. The letter necklace became so popular in Europe that I launched our London based office, MBUK in 2018. It’s been going great ever since!
Take me through a day in the life.
Wake up with my youngest child around 7am and have some coffee while he plays. Get him and my teenage daughter to school (my oldest is in college so he gets himself to school- hopefully!). I usually try to move my body in some way…pilates has been my long time favorite exercise due to some neck injuries I had from when I was first making jewellery in the 90’s. After that, I head to work, meet with my team on various projects and then I try to be home in the afternoon to see the kids before dinner. We usually make something casual at home or have a family dinner at one of my guy’s restaurants in our neighbourhood. Crawling into bed with a good book or juicy TV show to get some rest to do it all over again the next day.
What jewellery trends should everyone be watching out for? 
To be honest, I’ve never paid much attention to trends. I always strive to create pieces that are timeless, meaningful and elevate everyday style by adding my own unique twist.
What can we expect next from Maya Brenner?
I just finished a line of jewellery for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation that I’m super excited about. I’m a huge fan of his architecture and when they reached out to me to work together I was incredibly honoured. I also have a scent collaboration with By Rosie Jane coming early next year that I cannot wait for!
Who is your muse?
Kate Moss. Her style is so iconic with the perfect mix of feminine edgy nonchalance that looks so effortless.
I grew up when her popularity was at its height and I love women around my age that have been doing their thing for a long time!
What inspires you?
I take inspiration from all kinds of places — nature, art, design, travel and even the gorgeous French patisseries I saw when traveling through France with my son.  I like to think my jewellery breathes life into people’s stories and represents the meaning found within life’s magical chapters.

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