Lauren Murphy

The Celebrity Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist has teamed up with Nivea, the official sponsors of ITV’s The Voice, to provide backstage beauty care to all the acts.

Hi Lauren, congratulations on your work at The Voice! How does a typical day at The Voice start for you?

Well, there is no routine! Every day is different but I always find time to pamper the contestants and help them relax, I like to look after them! I always focus on cleansing as I want their skin to look its best on TV. We are filming lots of funny videos too to find out more about each act, which has been really lovely for me to get to know them, hear their journey and know what drives them.

How does a look come together for each contestant? Is it a collaboration between the stylist and yourself or does the contestant have a big input?

All credit goes to the styling team! We all work together to create their vision, and the look all depends on the song or the staging. It’s incredible seeing the end result.

Can we expect the looks to get bolder and bolder each week as the contestants turn into stars?!

Again, it will depend on the song each week really. We want them to look outstanding every week, and of course the looks on the final will be incredible regardless! This is also why I focus so much on the skin, because I want them to feel confident and fabulous for each performance- good makeup starts with good skincare!

Have there ever been any last-minute emergencies or makeup changes you’ve had to deal with on The Voice? How do you cope with such situations under the time pressure of live TV?

There’s always a spot! People freak out but you can always colour correct a spot to conceal it- and good lighting always helps!

Part of your job as a makeup artist often involves keeping your client calm before an event! How do you keep the contestants relaxed when they are in your chair before the show?

I’m so relaxed- I need to stay calm to keep them calm! I always get them to breathe properly and remind them to enjoy their performance but often I just try to take their mind off the show and focus on being pampered!

How different is it working with people new to the business as opposed to seasoned professionals?

It can be quite different, it’s nice to see people at the beginning of their careers because they are so hungry for it. The contestants are absolutely loving it!

The contestants will have to get used to wearing heavy stage makeup now, what skincare advice do you offer them to keep their skin looking stage ready?

My background is in beauty, I was a therapist before I was a makeup artist, which really helped me because the two work hand in hand together. The skin needs to be clean and hydrated before applying makeup otherwise you will never achieve a flawless base. If the skin is not hydrated it will start to draw moisture from the makeup products you apply, so a dewy foundation would start to look crepy. It’s funny because the boys now appreciate what us girls go through every day, they are really embracing the process- I think they secretly love it!

Working with Nivea must be fantastic for you, what would you say is your hero product?

Definitely the Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover! It’s a live saver backstage! It’s the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. It’s so gentle on the skin, it contains cornflower extract which is known for its soothing properties, and it’s really effective which is so important when you are pushed for time! I always use waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner on the contestants because I can’t risk it smudging under the stage lights, and this removes all traces of it in minutes.

I also love the Micellar water, it is so gentle and it suits all skin types. This cleanser is so quick and easy to use, so I am able to do a ‘double-cleanse’. I always like to ‘double-cleanse’ first to remove makeup and second to deep clean the skin. It is so refreshing too.

What is your favourite thing about working on The Voice?

It is SUCH a buzz, it is just so much fun! As the show goes on for so many weeks, we all get to know each other really well which doesn’t always happen when you are a freelancer.

I get so much job satisfaction working with the contestants too, seeing them grow and helping to build their confidence along their journey, it’s a really special and unique experience.

Of course, you can’t have favourites but do you have a winner in mind?!

No way! I love them all!

How will you do your own makeup for the wrap party?

Ooh I haven’t thought about that yet! I’m looking forward to it though- it’s going to be a huge celebration.

What’s next for you after The Voice?

My work is so varied, it’s part of what I love about being a makeup artist. I do lots of editorial shoots as well as TV so I’ll be continuing as I am and keeping my fingers in lots of pies!

Thank you for your time and good luck for the busy weeks ahead!

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