Kim Alexis

StyleNest sits down with soul whisperer Kim Alexis to hear all about her spiritual journey as a psychic, spiritual medium, clinical hypnotherapist and crystal healer. So tell us…

When did you first get into spirituality and was it a natural calling?

I was always interested in the esoteric as a teenager, so it was a natural calling. I played around with tarot cards, crystals and read a lot on astrology as well as books on Buddhist monks in Tibet. I had an experience of reading a book that mentioned an earthquake, tired I put the book down and switched on the radio, only to hear there had been a massive earthquake in San Francisco! When I looked for the page about the earthquake it wasn’t there.

What has been the greatest discovery or most lifechanging moment?

The greatest discovery was that I could hear spirits talk to me, which is called Clairaudience and that I could see images within the third eye chakra called Clairvoyance. There are many Clairs, Clairsentient = feelings and sensations, Clairgustance = tastes, Clairaliance =smells. A combination of some of these abilities are used to give readings.

Is it for anyone and how do you incorporate your teachings in day-to-day life?

Yes, it is for anyone as we all have intuition. We all have gut instincts and pick-up on subtle energies as we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This means anyone could discover more of if we wanted to go down the spiritual path and strengthen these abilities with practice… just like building up our muscles.

However, only some people can be psychic, meaning they can know what’s happening with a person emotionally and mentally by tuning into their energy field(aura) or connecting to their heart energy, but not everyone can link to the spirit realm to those that have passed over, this is called spiritual mediumship which is what I do along with being psychic.

In everyday life I’m using these abilities with clients but I like to meditate every day to bring my mind into a place of peace before I do the readings. Just by being grateful for what we have or being in nature can help us to connect with our intuition and higher self that part of us that is wise and all knowing where we can receive answers and inspiration.

Tell us more about the spiritual and wellness retreats you host?

I facilitate spiritual and wellness retreats in breathtaking Sardinia Italy. It’s a chance to reconnect with the beautiful natural surroundings  and with ourselves, to tap into our powerful intuition and psychic abilities using crystals and tarot and transform the way we experience our life through personal development; diving into topics from the inner child, romantic relationships and financial abundance, to spirit guides and past lives.

What do you say to sceptics?

I say to sceptics -there is so much more than what the eye can see. You can’t see electricity but its there! Be open minded, you just might be surprised! Come for a psychic reading – I’ll prove it!

Lastly, three books that have helped or inspired you?

As a crystal healer I love the book by Nisha Ahsian & Robert Simmons The Book Of Stones – who they are and what they teach. It’s so informative on every crystal out there from the geological side to the spiritual healing qualities with great images too.
Debbie Ford’s Dark Side of the Light Chasers – the dark side or (shadow side the term she coined) of our personalities should not be hidden, finding our hidden strengths in our weaknesses. Doing the exercises can be difficult as it brings up feelings you’ve not wanted to feel. Because I work as a hypnotherapist I love what’s hidden in our subconscious minds, that which can be released and then transformed and integrated for our good, basically doing the inner work. I love how Debbie transformed herself from the darkest of times in her life.

Spirit Release Therapy by William Baldwin -when I was trying to understand what was happening to me spiritually as some of the experiences where very difficult and confusing this book was a life saver.

Kim’s ‘Soul Shifts Psychic & Wellbeing Retreat’ will be taking place in Sardinia, Italy on 18- 22 June 2022. Spaces are available to book via the website.

Her latest book ‘The Adventurous Spirit – walking between two realms’ is available to purchase on Amazon.

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