Jeff Pink

The French manicure,  which is simplicity at its best,  is officially on trend again and you are the genius behind the original phenomenon, as someone who loves nothing more than a beautiful manicure, you must be delighted with this. Is this your favourite nail look?

I do think that the French manicure is a classic look that goes with every outfit. The French Manicure was the first nail art, it’s a design that is simple so anyone can do it but it is also makes you feel good about your nails. You don’t have to change the colour all the time, you have a look that constantly looks nice. Although one of my other favourite colours is ORLY Crawford Wine, it has been in the company for 40 years and is still the best selling colour. It is a classic red but we actually have to go through so many tests to make sure that it stays exactly the same colour through each production.

Yellow nails are hot for summer & I love your glow shade, what’s your advice to those who may be a little fearful of yellow and think it’s too out there?

For me, if you like the colour wear it and everyone will notice it. ORLY Glowstick is an eye catching shade. ORLY were the first to introduce neon colours into the nail world. I would say that these colours are bold and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing these colours choose a colour you like and it will make you feel good.

As a Stylist I recognise the importance of a “finished” look and the perfect mani always pulls a look together, what’s your quick fix tip if you’ve left your Nails to the last minute and need to make an impact. 

So ORLY Breathable is the perfect nail polish for last minute manicures. We have used it at lots of past fashion weeks and it is fantastic due to its fast drying time and high colour pigmentation. You only need two coats of ORLY Breathable and no top coat or base.

The Kardashian’s are huge fans of ORLY and with their social media following this must have brought you a new audience, who is, in your opinion, the typical ORLY man or woman?

ORLY works for everyone. I would say that the typical ORLY man or woman is between 25-50 but with social media it has really helped the younger generation try and experiment with ORLY colours.

My favourite shade in the ORLY family  is moon dust (neon earth collection)…but what’s yours?

My favourite shade is ORLY Turn It Up, it is a huge hit right now and you can layer on your favourite shade. It is a mix of lots of different colours like confetti. Although I am really excited about some of the collections for this year.

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