Georgia Hardinge

Georgia HardingeStyleNest chat to British designer, Georgia Hardinge in the run up to her SS13 London Fashion Week show. 

Heralded as one to watch on the London Fashion Week schedule, Georgia Hardinge showed her SS13 collection only hours ago at the fashion event of the year. Known for her structured shapes and graphic prints, the womenswear designer tells us why she’s moving towards a slightly softer sihouette for SS13, where’s best to eat during LFW, and her emergency handbag essentials that get her through the show. 

How is everything going on the run up to London Fashion Week?

Everything is running to plan, I am really happy. Like always the whole studio is working long hours but that is all part and parcel in creating something great – I would be worried if I was sat with everything finished a week before Fashion Week. Stress can weirdly bring out my creativity, having said that we have been much more organised and focused this season and that only comes with experience.

So many brilliant designers start their careers in London. What is it about the city that nurtures talent so well?

London is such a diverse and great city, there is always something going on to inspire you and I think London recognises and values the importance of design. The attitude here towards art in general is so unique and there are a huge variety of different talents, especially within fashion, that you become a community and support each other. There are so many platforms to help and support you as a designer too, in particular Vauxhall Fashion Scout and the CFE have been invaluable in guiding and supporting me through this tough industry.

What other shows on the LFW schedule would you love to see?

I am always excited to see what my friends have been working on so I will be going to Eudon Choi’s presentation and John Pierre Braganza’s show. I also always look out for Agi and Sam, who do amazing menswear.

We loved the structured shapes and graphic prints of your last collection. What can we expect to see for SS13?

SS13 brings an ethereal feel, moving forward from the graphic prints into a lighter more fluid design, perfect for the summer. The colour palette is also softer than previous collections, bringing a new dimension to the more structured pieces, which are made using a lightweight fabric that holds it shape at the same time.

Have you got any plans for collaborations coming up in 2013?

I do have one very excited collaboration coming out in 2013 but you’ll have to wait to February to find out Recently I redesigned the Lancome bottle exclusively for Selfridges, which was lots of fun.

Where do you usually eat during LFW?

I tend to eat anything that keeps my energy levels up When I am working long hours it is good to snack on fruit and nuts – dried mango is a lifesaver.

Describe your survival guide for LFW?

I know it might sound crazy but just don’t stop, I think if I relaxed and slept I wouldn’t get up again until it was all over. Also I make sure I have a bottle of water in my bag at all times alongside some comfortable shoes.

You studied in Paris, how does the city compare style wise with London?

London has a very relaxed attitude compared with Paris but I love the elegance of a Parisian woman. In particular the attention to detail you sometimes see, when a Parisian woman colour coordinates their handbag, scarf and outfit with their dog you know a lot of planning has gone into it.

Is there one particular piece in your collections you’re especially proud of?

I am very proud of the outfit we made for the film. The garment became more of an art piece with around 45 meters of fabric used in the making of it. The whole studio came together and we sewed nonstop for three days, with five people on three sewing machines working until 4am before the shoot. When it was finally finished, it seemed like such an achievement. It was a very proud moment.

How will you relax once the show’s over?

Once the collection is shipped to Milan I am getting on a Plane to Amsterdam where my friends are getting married. Then I will be able to relax and I cannot wait. Although it’s only a small break  and as soon as I am back I will be heading straight to Paris Fashion Week.

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