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Georgia Louise StyleNest caught up with Georgia Louise, the celebrity facialist whose new skincare line has just launched in SpaceNK.

Georgia Louise is responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful faces, including actress Emma Stone and supermodel Linda Evangelista. An Englishwoman in New York, she has recently launched her own skincare range – Wes stole five minutes from her busy schedule to find out more about the new brand, and how’s she’s managed it all with a baby in tow.

Congratulations on the UK launch of Georgia Louise. Has it been getting a good response?

Thank you very much. We launched just three weeks ago in SpaceNK and they have already placed their second order, so that’s really positive for us.  As a very small British organic brand which I started in my kitchen, I didn’t expect to get such shining reviews so quickly. It’s truly overwhelming.

Tell us about the products in the range.

My skincare range Georgia Louise was inspired by my clients, who wanted organic luxury facials and skincare to match. They just didn’t really find one brand that had the perfect blend of organic-ness and loveliness in a bottle. My products are formulated with healing aromatherapy blends up to 88% organic, to help calm the mind and lift the spirits. As well as the highest concentration of botanicals and plant anti-ageing remedies. They are also tested on humans not animals.

My first four hero products are to me the four necessitates for any skincare regimen. My Cleanse and Heal Balm 45% organic melts away traces of makeup and impurities and doubles up as a brilliant multi-use healing balm. My Hydrating Rose Water 88% organic is a luxurious hydrating water with five natural skincare properties, including hydration, antioxidation, calming, pore-tightening and anti-ageing. Next up My Brightening Day and Night Cream 77% organic is loaded with natural plant peptides, plant collagen and hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and finally My Sleeping Beauty Oil 82% organic is an intensive concentrated treatment oil for night-time, scented with lavender and Rose Otto to help set the mood for a good night’s rest.

Your mother also worked in the cosmetics industry so you’ve grown up around beauty products. What was that like?

My mother has beautiful skin and worked in the cosmetic industry when I was growing up. She was obsessed with clean and clear skin and the bathroom cabinets were more like apothecary shelves – I spent hours mixing and blending her products. My mother’s best friend owned a beauty spa too, and she taught me to cleanse, tone and moisturise at the age of 11, so taking care of my skin is part of my DNA.

The range has been a few years in the making – when did you first conceive the idea?

I have always loved skincare and with over 15 years as a facialist, trained aromatherapist and working with leading skincare brands, I felt ready five years ago to make a professional natural and organic skincare range for my clients. I took a natural formulation course to improve my skills and travelled to Asia to get inspiration. A year later, I was whipping up customised handmade products for my celebrity clients, until one of them told me I had something really good here and that I should think about taking my skincare to market. Well, that was four years ago… and here I am today.

You’ve been in New York permanently for two years now – are you enjoying it?

Yes, I feel at home now. It took a year to settle in, figure out the subway, get used to crazy cab drivers and not feel guilty every time I ordered a home delivery – everything and anything gets ordered to your door. The hardest thing was getting used to the work ethic here: the city that never sleeps means you literally work around the clock, but the energy here keeps you inspired and motivated.

What do you think of the beauty industry over there, compared to the UK?

It’s a much bigger market and every other retail shop is either a nail spa or a waxing salon and they all seem to do great business. New Yorkers are savvy, skin smart and see dermatologists more frequently than hygienists. The New Yorker’s look is polished, which means skin as sparkly as their diamonds.

You’re mum to 8month old Matteo too.  How did you manage juggling a baby with the launch of a new skincare range?

Juggling diapers and face cream has been a somewhat interesting balance. Truthfully, it has been the most challenging, yet rewarding time of my life – everyone tells me I was crazy to launch my skincare so soon after having Matteo, but actually being a mother means you have to be more organised.

Do you still find time to give clients your famous facials?

Yes. I run three clinic days a week and I’m already fully booked ten weeks in advance.

What would you say to a woman struggling to find the right skincare regime?

The biggest tip is to understand your skin type: is it dry? Oily? Combination? Sensitive? And then the condition, which is normally a temporary state such as dehydration, irritation/redness or a break-out. Make sure you buy the necessities first: a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF, plus one intensive treatment like a serum or oil for the condition. Secondly, try not to mix and match too many brands at once. Its important to allow your skin to adjust to a new brand which means sticking to one until you are sure your skin will not react to it. Read the ingredients on the back and try and stay away from too many harsh chemicals.

What’s next from the Georgia Louise range now that it’s arrived in the UK?

I am launching a massage tool which will help to lift, sculpt and drain the skin – I can’t give too much away on that but Linda Evangelista took my first prototype and is hooked on it. I have created 14 products in the line and my next product will be my eye cream or my face mask.

If you could tell your teenage self one thing about beauty, what would it be?

Never go to bed with makeup on and always wear SPF.

And finally, tell us what beauty products are in your handbag right now?

My Hydrating Rose Water to help cool me down, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Organic Shea Hair cream, La Roche Posay 50+ sun stick and Chanel 119 lip gloss.

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