Hi Eleonor, it’s a delight to meet you as I know I’m a big fan of your brand, tell me what or who inspires you?

Thank you I am really glad you like my brand! To be honest, I find inspiration in everyday life, even when I am on the tube, I can find inspiration for a new piece. You never know where/when an idea for a new design can come out. I like to be surprised any moment and follow my instinct. Very often the best ideas come when you less expect it.

You trained at St. Martin’s in London like many famous designers – was that a conscious decision?

I first discovered St Martins when I was on a short holiday trip in London and it was then when I fell in love with the idea of studying there. After a few years living in London I made my dream of studying  at St Martins a reality and took some courses while I was working in media relations.

You are based in BARCELONA but do you believe your time in London continues to inspire your designs?

Yes absolutely, my time in London was one of the most inspiring times in my life. I try to go back to London at least once a year but since the Covid arrived I haven’t been there and I miss it a lot! London has been and is always a huge inspiration for me. I will always love its energy and vibes.

Which is your favourite piece in your collection?

My favourite piece is the “Mini Lion necklace” because its inspired by an old art nouveau piece I found in a trip to NYC and it’s an atemporal, basic, versatile necklace you can wear everyday with any look. The mini Lion necklace accompanies me always.

I am loving your neon pieces, in a Covid world, some fun colour is much needed, do you love working with colourful pieces?

I love working with colour pieces and I think especially in these complicated times we need colour to enhance our spirit and give us energy boost.  I  also believe it’s a shame we leave colour only for summer jewellery as it is precisely in winter when we most need a subtle touch of colour to contrast and cheer up  dark  autumn winter clothing.

Do you think with many of us working via zoom, accessories are even more important than ever?

I do completely agree! Accessories now are a must to give us this touch of “difference” when we do a “zoom” video call. I think accessories make the difference, you can wear a plain blouse or T-shirt and just with the accessories you will project a completely different image.

Who would be your dream client to see in your pieces?

I would love to see Rosalia wearing my favourite Mini Lion Necklace in one of her stunning looks or performances. I think it matches her style totally!

I feel like your pieces can be worn by any age or gender, do you agree?

Yes I agree also because my collection is very wide and different so you can find pieces for any age or gender. I try to make designs with originality and fun element but always very wearable and easy to combine with other pieces.  I have clients from a wide age range.

Your good vibes necklace is much needed right now, what are you most looking forward to when things get back to some kind of normality?

I really miss being able to see my family and friends like before, without any restrictions or trouble equally I also miss travelling a lot. I hope we can get back to some kind of normality where I can travel to London as I use to do.


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