Dr Gerald Imber

Dr ImberDr Gerald Imber is Manhattan’s foremost cosmetic surgeon. As the man behind some of the world’s most fabulous faces, he knows a thing or two about aging gracefully. Having just launched his revolutionary new skincare line exclusively at Harrods, we sat down with him to find out more.

You are one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the industry. What led you onto the path of plastic surgery, and in particular, anti-aging?

The path to a career in plastic surgery was fairly serendipitous. While completing my training as a general surgeon a mentor, noticing the aesthetic nature of my technique, suggested I consider plastic surgery, in which technique and vision play so significant a role.

My interest in anti aging techniques began as a response to patient requests. There are really only two reasons to consult cosmetic surgeons. The desire to look better, and the desire to look younger. Along the way I saw the need to help people to continue looking young.

You’ve been in the industry now for more than 40 years. What changes have you seen in terms of techniques and results?

During my forty years in the industry there has been an evolution to “less is more.” And I am happy to have been instrumental in that philosophy.

Although a renowned plastic surgeon, you have your own skincare, Youth Corridor, which focuses on looking after the skin through skincare rather than surgery. What led you to develop a skincare range in addition to the anti-aging work you already do?

Youth Corridor skin care products fill a need for an effective therapeutic  system to help people maintain their youthful good looks throughout adult life. They evolved in answer to requests from my patients and readers for access to the best, most scientific products to help reverse sun damage and help keep signs of aging at bay.

The range includes everything women need to look after their skin daily, as well as more intensive products such as masks and serums. Do you have any particularly favourite products from the range, or anything that you think is particularly important and that we should be using in our beauty regime?

My favorite among the products is Youth Corridor Ultimate Vitamin C Antioxidant Boost. This serum should be used at all stages of life by women and men alike. It delivers the single most important ingredient for skin health and beauty; ascorbic acid, in its most active form, in a uniquely effective  manner. The key ingredients are most effective in reversing sun damage, fine lines, and irregular skin tone , and protect against environmental damage. Everyone should use this serum every day.

And the big no-nos for healthy skin?

Sun and smoking are the two worst culprits in aging. Also avoid repeated weight gain and loss, exercise regularly, avoid long term, long distance running.

Science and technology is advancing rapidly. What do you think will be the next big thing in plastic surgery?

Professional intervention in the aging process should begin with regular skin care, including exfoliation and minor laser resurfacing.

Injectable fillers prevent the formation of nasolabial folds and marionette lines. They can help correct deep tear trough deformities. The best of the fillers is your own fat. Autologous fat grafts are fully natural, and in contrast to commercial fillers are largely permanent.

If women do decide to opt for surgery, any tips you can give them on choosing a trustworthy surgeon and ensuring the procedure is as safe as possible and gives results they are happy with?

Experienced, well known surgeons are popular for a reason; they have done good work over many years. Board certification and teaching hospital credentials insure a certain level of competence. Doctor referrals and satisfied friend referrals are useful. In The U.S. Certification by the American Board if Plastic Surgery is useful.

What is a typical day at work, if there is one?

My typical day begins with a workout at 6:30. Juice and coffee, no breakfast, surgery four mornings a week until about 1pm. Light lunch, often sushi. Short office hours and writing or sport in the afternoon. A short nap every day. If I am involved in a book project my day starts with two hours of writing beginning at 4:30, followed by my workout.

I eat whatever I wish for dinner, along with a glass of red wine, and am in bed by 10.  Pretty boring!

You are based in New York, one of the most exciting cities in the world. What are your favourite travel destinations when leaving New York for a holiday?

I work hard and vacation frequently. In addition to twice yearly visits to London,  I am on Capri in July, where I live a totally sybaritic life. I escape the New York winters for a bit at St. Barths, and a few long golf weekends with my sons.

Your work must keep you incredibly busy! How do you like to spend a day off?

My weekends are spent at my farm an hour and a half north of the city.  Riding, shooting, and tending my roses and entertaining friends nourish me for the coming week.

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