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Interview with Sophia Lutz, Head of Jewellery Design at COEUR DE LION

A day in the life of you… 

Unsurprisingly, it’s all about jewellery! My morning starts with choosing the right pieces to match my outfit – there is not a day that goes by that I don’t wear jewellery.

Then it’s off to work. I spend my days in the COEUR DE LION design studio playing with seasonal sparkle. I always look forward to meeting my team and trying out new designs and materials; I’m a big fan of bright colour and so creating GeoCUBE® has always been my favourite. I love mixing and matching themes and styles.

It’s really important to work together with our different departments to create new inspiring collections – we are all united by the same passion for aesthetics and high-quality design and for wonderful, unique pieces of jewellery. So, in the afternoon I tend to meet with a number of other members of the team to brainstorm new ideas and think about styles for the season ahead. This is how, for example, the idea of reinterpreting the classic freshwater pearl came up. In the current collection, we have now launched an edition with real pearls combined with chunky chains for the first time.

The special thing about COEUR DE LION is that we bring everything together in one place. From the first idea in the studio and my hand-made samples to the final production of the jewellery pieces being manufactured.

After a day in our design studio creating and coordinating the process of new jewellery pieces, I love to relax by enjoying good food or taking a walk, as it is so important to take time for yourself.

As a jewellery designer, is this your dream job?

Fashion design has always been my passion. Pieces of jewellery are so personal; they usually have a high emotional value, often accompanying you for a lifetime and in some cases are even passed along through generations. For me it is something very special to create something like this, which gives other people such great joy.

What is your favourite piece that you’ve designed?

It’s hard to say, I’m always coming up with new favourites! But right now, I love the idea of our 4-in-1 necklace. I can wear this special necklace as I like, short, long or layered – depending on the outfit. It takes you from day to night with a simple re-arrangement. Worn as a pearl fronted choker or a sweeping waterfall, a dramatic double rope or showcasing the complimenting pearls and chain, it is as versatile as my style.

As a Stylist, I’m a big fan of jewellery as it completes a look & adds a different dimension to it. Why do you think it’s so important?  

A look rises and falls with the right piece of jewellery. A very simple outfit can be styled in an exciting way, turning it into a showstopper. An office ensemble can be dance-floor ready with some added sparkle. A simple pendant can draw the eye to a neckline. So much is possible in fashion and the right piece completes every look.

What’s the ethos behind the brand?

We design to give jewellery lovers stunning companions for every occasion. It is why we constantly challenge ourselves to create new pieces that will bring joy to their owners.

The longevity of our jewellery has always been the basis of our creations and quality is paramount, which is why our pieces are hand-made by our team in Germany.

You’re famous for the GeoCUBE®, how did the idea for it come about?

We are very proud of our unique GeoCUBE® design – the clear shapes and colours are inspired by the famous Bauhaus style. In 1999, COEUR DE LION first presented this iconic classic that became our signature, and we continue to reinterpret this design each season, with different wonderful materials and colours.

Who or what inspires you?

Inspiration can be found everywhere – it can be a special moment in everyday life, an inspiring trip, other cultures or simply the beauty of nature – the incredible variety of colours never fails to impress me.

We regularly make trips to fashion metropolises such as Berlin, London, Paris or New York and work together with well-known trend researchers – these inspirations then give rise to very individual ideas for our collections.

Who would be your dream client to see in Coeur De Lion?

Angelina Jolie, but there are so many strong and admirable women, it always makes me happy to see a woman with our jewellery.

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