Chanel Joan Elkayam

Hi Chanel, I’ve known you a long time now and remember when watched your first, off schedule, LFW show back in the day. You’ve gone from strength to strength since then and it’s my pleasure to interview you for StyleNest. 

Huge Congrats on your first LFW on-schedule show, it looked incredible. How was it? 

Thank you so much!
It was so exciting. The show was exactly how I visioned it to be after a very hard few months of work planning and preparing for the runway show.
It all came together so beautifully and smoothly.
Talk me through the inspiration for this collection.
The vibe/inspiration for my collection was about an independent woman with a sovereign mind who believes in the empowerment of women. She is a feminine, seductive leader who is at the same time opulent and chic. She is fearless and unstoppable. She is also powerful and comfortable in her own body.

So what was the message of this collection?

I implemented this message within the aesthetic of my designs and with the launch of my campaign “I DON’T FOLLOW I LEAD”. In that, everyone should lead their lives on their own terms unconstraint of others expectations.

You’re so young and yet have achieved so much, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully developing my business to a influential global fashion house.

You are a northerner like me, and I think we dress differently because of that, would you agree?

Yes! Day to day, jeans and jumpers is the way to go haha!

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