Caroline Creba

Caroline CrebaMum, jewellery designer and co-founder of Tomassa, Caroline Creba talks to us about a girl’s best friend – diamonds.

Caroline tells StyleNest about her favourite gems and what inspired her to get involved in jewellery design. From style tips to her favourite family friendly hangouts, Caroline takes five minutes with StyleNest.

You have been in the jewellery world for sixteen years, what first inspired you to choose jewellery?

I studied Art and Design at college; I really loved sculpture and worked with metal as well as clay. For my final project I was inspired to make mini sculptures to be worn on the body and that’s where it all began.

You’re a mum to your four-year-old daughter and a businesswoman, what has been your ultimate achievement?

I think that in different parts and at different times in your life you achieve many things. In my personal life, my daughter Freya is my biggest achievement, she is my ray of light and makes me proud everyday. Within my career, it is about never stopping when I hit my goals; I am always aspiring to create the next collection, launch into a new store or open in a new country. I guess you could say that my drive and determination is my ultimate achievement.

Tomassa launched last year, what first inspired you to get involved and start your own business?

It’s something that I had always wanted to do – I am a very creative person who had been working in a fast paced retail environment and I was looking for a way to combine the two.

How do you juggle a successful career with motherhood?

Some days can be tricky and long, but to be honest I have a really good work life balance. First and foremost I am a mother; my daughter comes first, but with some good organisational skills there is time for both work and play.

What are your main inspirations during the design process?

I love to mix materials; it is so exciting mixing some of natures most beautiful and alluring elements together in interesting and exotic fusions. For example the rich, dark grain of ebony against the high polished sheen of luxurious gold makes for the perfect union.

What are your top three favourite Tomassa collections?

It would have to be ‘Edge of Twilight’ for the stunning combination of 18ct gold, ebony and diamonds creating dramatic organic sculptured shapes; ‘Firefly Evenings’ for the array of colourful gemstones crafted into soft shaped cabochons allowing a wonderful play of light; and finally ‘Enchanted Moments’ for the delicate emblems featured all the way through collection adding fun and flirtation to your jewellery wardrobe.

What is your hero Tomassa piece that you couldn’t live without?

This is a hard one as I have about three or four staple pieces. If I had to choose one it would be the ‘Indian Summer’ Aqua Chalcedony multi stone necklace, as it looks great worn long over plain tops and tees.

Tomassa jewellery is filled with colour and texture. How important is the feel of the jewellery as well as the look?

To me the feel is super important – I like to be able to wear the jewellery and barely notice it’s there. I am obsessed with smooth lines and curves and love my jewellery to feel ergonomic.

From the box its packaged in, right through to the product itself, no detail has gone amiss. How important is presentation for the brand?

It is all about presentation; from the design of the piece itself through to the box it arrives in. I want my customers to be excited and impressed when they open their Tomassa piece.

Mums are often expected to be ‘supermum’. Do you think there is too much pressure on women to be perfect at everything?

Yes I do, but saying that I do think that us females put a lot of the pressure on ourselves. Life is there to be enjoyed, to me two of the most enjoyable parts of life are my daughter and my work and I am lucky that I can balance the two. This doesn’t make me perfect, just happy in what I am doing.

Do you have any favourite family friendly spots around the UK or London which are great for the kids?

In London I love Wimbledon Park; there is a great kids play area and in the summer they have a big water play section, which is great fun – there is also a lake with lots of ducks to feed. Outside of London I regularly visit Hatton Country World in Warwickshire as it’s a great day out with lots of farm animals and attractions.

Women often lose their confidence and sense of self after having children, what advice would you give to women to help them get their style back after giving birth?

Don’t put pressure on yourself and don’t rush it; enjoy being a mum and all that comes with it. Style is about an inner confidence, so if you feel you are lacking a bit, a scarf can always help add some colour and style and is good way at helping hide any left over pregnancy tummy.

What advice would you give to our readers who want to set up their own business?

Go for it. It takes a lot of hard work and determination, but it is really rewarding and fun. Just make sure you are ready to learn on the job and listen to feedback and advice from others as sometimes you are too close to your project to see something that may need improving or changing.

Can you clue our StyleNest readers on any exciting projects you are working on?

I am currently working on a new collection to be launched under my own name which I will be launching SS14 – it’s all very exciting.

What is your ultimate wardrobe staple?

Apart from my jewellery, I am rarely seen without some sort of scarf . I love to chuck one on, wear it long and loose or wrap and layer to add colour and interest to an outfit.

What is your failsafe cocktail look?

I have a favourite black pencil dress, which is long and fitted and looks great teamed with killer heels and of course lots of gold and diamonds.

Any top tips for our readers on how to look fabulous in just five minutes?

Lip gloss with layered and stacked jewellery and an oversized bag are a great way to dress up any outfit and look fabulous.

What’s your motto?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

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