By Rotation

Hi Eshita, as you know I am a huge fan of By Rotation & you’ve gone from strength to strength since we met at London Fashion Week, so tell us…

How does it work?

By Rotation is the UK’s fashion rental – think the Airbnb of designer fashion. You can download the free app and rent and lend your own wardrobe! Do good for the planet, your wallet and wardrobe at the same time.

The evolution of the brand, you’re not from a fashion background but decided to launch By Rotation… why?

As a Singaporean, one of my hobbies has been shopping from as long as I can remember! It wasn’t until 2 years ago on my honeymoon to my motherland Rajasthan, India that I realised how polluting the fashion industry is, and that my own consumption habits were a part of the problem. I decided to take the existing fashion rental/dress hire concept a step further by creating a community of style-conscious individuals from all backgrounds so we could become more mindful by sharing. I believe that my commercial knowledge and experience as an investment banker and as an average consumer has provided me with a fresh perspective to the fairly traditional and antiquated fashion industry.

And the name? Who came up with that?

What a great question, no one has ever really asked! I wanted our concept to be about switching up your wardrobe with a mindset of “lend out your wardrobe, and rent someone else’s” – thus the concept of “rotation” came up. So how do you access/consume “new” fashion? You enjoy “new” fashion… by rotation.

What does a day in the life of Eshita look like?

Most days are fairly jam-packed with puppy cuddles, yoga and tasks that take me from intern-level all the way to a managing founder. I can be responding to customer service in the morning and speaking on a panel talk in the evening. Life as a startup founder – everything falls under your remit!

As a successful entrepreneur yourself, what advice would you give to other female start-ups?

I believe in the Butterfly effect – that everything you do contributes to the bigger picture and the final goal. With that in mind, no person or entity is too small/too big – so try and support others and you’ll see how it all comes back and together eventually.

Most popular brands on the app?

Popular brands range from contemporary “Instagrammable” brands a la Rixo to classics such as Chanel. At the moment The Vampire’s Wife is also very popular thanks to Stacey Dooley renting one of their dresses on our app!

Who would be your dream client to dress in By Rotation?

Oooh… It would have to be Emma Watson! I love what she stands for and her style.

How would you describe your personal style?

Ever since I started working in the fashion tech industry, I’ve been dressing up more feminine – so you’ll catch me in a dress at events or at meetings! Outside of work, I’m usually the one in high-waisted jeans, a plain t-shirt and loafers – I love the effortless chic look, very comfortable too!

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