What is your favourite piece in this collection?

I love the statement ring as it is so bold and incorporates all the stones from the collection.
What’s in a name? Why Augustine?
Augustine Studios is a building in Brook Green that was originally part of the Silver Studios, a famous decorative arts design studio in operation from 1880 to 1963. As it happens, I bought Augustine Studios (the building) in 1997 as I have always loved decorative arts and had a view to eventually re-develop the brand. It became our family home and Augustine Jewels began in Augustine Studios 10 years ago, before moving to our first shop a few years later. Our logo and branding is inspired by the original studio. I am a great believer in British Design Heritage and I think that it is important that we continue as a to build on that heritage.
Who is your ultimate muse?
Jean Cocteau was a French poet, playwright, novelist, designer, filmmaker, visual artist and critic. He was also involved in politics and is considered the ultimate Renaissance man. When I was studying at ESMOD school of art and fashion in Paris when I was 18, I was given a little money by my grandmother, and in an impulsive moment, with no regard for financial sense, I used it all to buy a painting by Jean Cocteau. I think that I have always taken this thought with me that there is a path in life of the Renaissance woman. There is much pressure in life to be one thing, or for a woman to be only a mother, but I have chosen to have a rich and varied life, whilst being a mother of 4 sons. I do think that it is important for women to be able to lead parallel lives just like Jean Cocteau did.
Jewellery is very personal but if I were looking to gift a friend, what you be your advice to me?
I think that it is lovely to give a bespoke piece with a birthstone gemstone or to engrave a piece with a personal message. We specialise in extraordinary gemstones and make exquisite bespoke pieces and so we can make something really special for your friend at Augustine Jewels.
Are silver tones having a resurgence?
Well I think I still see a resurgence of yellow gold tones at the moment. Over the last 10 years the trend has gone, white gold, then rose gold and now yellow gold. I am getting more bespoke orders in platinum rather than white gold.
What’s your preferred gem stone to work with?
My favourite gemstone is morganite. It is a sparkly pink stone and the best quality, most desired stones are in baby pink, not peachy pink.
Do you still get excited when you see someone wearing one of your pieces?
Yes, it is a very emotional moment, when someone is visibly happier and shining wearing a piece of ours. It is what it is all about. Making women feel happy.

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