What’s in a name, why Anatomé?

Well its a play on the word anatomy, I wanted our customers to connect with their body, to understand its needs, nutritionally, to recover, to move, to engage and to engage with our physicality and embrace who we are,  And it’s the start of the alphabet so that helps too !

What does a day in the life of Brendan look like?

I wish my days where a little more exciting, i get up at 6.30, coffee until 7 am and listen to the world service,  I live in a light filled mid century apartment that is bathed in light, so i dont close the curtains i like to wake with the daylight, but right now that’s around 5.30.  Then I get up and run, or go to the gym,  I prefer to run from the edge of camden, up to primrose hill and around the circumference of the park, then home for breakfast and I walk to work in marylebone.  Then it’s a day of shop, work, and planning.  It’s sometimes hard to be productive as there are alot of demands , but it’s an exciting moment for anatome as we plan growth.  Evening maybe theatre or music, dinner with friends or partner and bed around 11pm.  I hope to travel more with anatome as we open in australia, america and china.

Of your products, which is your favourite? Or is that too difficult a question?

RIght now its expression or energy parfum, i do love how they wear on the skin and took some time and patience  develop, they are light, fresh and delicious parfums. Alongside that i love our frankincense sleep oil and could not live without our avocado illuminating face oil, its extraordinary, always makes you look fresh and reduces the wrinkles, it illuminates, its the best skincare product I’\ve every used

Why is scent so powerful & so nostalgic ?

It’s so important, i always like citrus scents as reminiscent of cologne and I realised i like sea salt alot thats in expression, not just because its light and fresh but i grew up by the sea, sailing and walking and today i remembers at murdock london a brand i created our best selling formula was the sea salt spray for the hair, so its a theme in the formulations i create.

My favourite of the scents was balance which resonates with me given I seek balance in my daily juggle – are we naturally drawn to the scents that will offer us the most benefit?

Yes we are drawn to what our body needs, weekend its expression eau de parfum, week days its energy eau de parfum.  for me, and sometimes focus, I was using balance through the spring, as i was stressed and busy, so we find ourselves reaching for ingredients that connect with us, what we need, iits a bit of perfume cliche, but its true we are drawn to fragrances our memory and subconscious need.

Talk to me about scent training for someone who’s lost their sense of smell.

I’m not an expert here so I think honesty is important here.  what i understand is engaging with scent, taking the time to apply scent, smell from the wrists, and apply across the body, this is something we do with our sleep oils with a careful but developed process and repitation is key, doing the same action every day throughout the day..  But beyond perfume we encourage you to cook each night, to clean, to stop as you walk through the woods and city and engage, be aware of your surroundings.  It’s so important to be present and allow the brain to remember scents that are good and bad, remember not all scents are pleasurable and often take you back to a moment in time, even carrying out the rubbish to the garbabge a smell will take you back immediately to a moment in the past.

What is your favourite smell?

i was saying how citrus was a favourite scent, but in energy im referring to, we backed it with tobacco so it blends two families of scents.  I’m very much into light breathable scents that don’t intrude in the body and mind, and that’s why expression eau de parfum is becoming a community favorite, its light, fresh but cut with cypress and salt, just so gentle, breathable and assuring.

Who or what inspires you?

I don’t want to be a cliche but parents, my boyfriend,  family and people in my orbit or mind each day, they are part of your consciousness as they are important and vital.  I love the longevity of diane von furstenberg her currency or the conductor of the lsp Simon Rattle, people with staying power and an application to their work is remarkable.  Anny wintour i often think shes on a tennis court at 6am, i need to do what anna does, shes focused, how is such focus possible.

Who is the ultimate Anatomé muse?

We often think of muses like actresses or performers but honestly is a relaxed unfussy woman, jeans, cashmere v neck, or an easy relaxed dress if shes fortunate to carry an understanding bag or a simple provincial wicker bag. its about confidence and being who you are, Charlotte gainsborough or dakota johnson are actresses with confidence.  But honestly behond style, someone who values culture, open to new ideas, bonded with their family and genuine, we want direct genuine people that we can learn from and be challenged.

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