Secret Dates is the brainchild of Michael Boham creator of the hugely successful . Secret Dates follows a similar premise to Do A Date, whereby everything is organised for you, based on your preferences; quirky, cosy, lively etc, and all bars, restaurants, activities are vetted out first to ensure they fit the bill perfectly.

With Secret Dates an extra element has been added, saving couples from arguments, headaches or, for the newbies, awkwardness! Michael realised that some couples would benefit from a third party making most of the date night decisions for them; whether it be the couple that tends to choose the same restaurants time and time again, or, couples looking to add extra excitement into date night, or, for the apprehensive, new daters, not wanting to take responsibility for the dating plans! Secret Dates does all the leg work (and takes off all the pressure!) you simply choose your type of experience (weekend or weekday), enter contact details and dates, book & pay online, and Secret Dates will do the rest (while you are in ignorant bliss!).

Leading up to the date you will receive text messages giving cheeky hints at what might be in store on your date and tips at what sort of attire you should wear! It’s all very cloak and dagger but with no nasty surprises!

In the lead up to my own Secret Date, I got a message asking if I had any allergies (normal…) or phobias?? (not so normal!). In hindsight, it makes total sense to ask about phobias – especially, in the case of my Secret Date, if you have a fear of water…

The day before the date, I received another text giving me a dress code “smart casual” and a few hashtag clues like #AllAboard, and then on the day, a text telling me where exactly to meet! It’s a good, fun build up to your date and brought out the Jessica Fletcher in me!

So, I arrived at the text destination and could quite clearly see that the date would start on a canal boat in central London! #AllAboard the floating distillery, Disco Volante, for some incredible cocktails (white chocolate and whisky, anyone? – seriously delish, and not something I would usually go for) all the while, travelling peacefully along Regents Canal from Kings Cross towards Camden, as the sun goes down – who would have thought travelling through the centre of London could be so chilled!

A few cocktails later and a rise in volume of the music, we arrive in Camden, where we walk up a few steps to street level to find ourselves outside what looks like an old public toilet (and probably was in the past) – our next stop for the night Ladies and Gentlemen bar! Here, the bar staff are ready and waiting for us, presenting us with a couples themed drinks list, it makes a very nice change not having to queue to get in or wait in line at the bar but more importantly, it doesn’t upset the flow of the date.

Ours was just a taster of a Secret Date, and there are so many other options – from escaping from Alcatraz to painting classes, to axe throwing! (yes really!) there really is something for everyone. I love that there are so many fun things on offer that don’t include alcohol, as well some really cool and unusual bars for when you do fancy a drink! The whole process is so well thought through, great fun and, most importantly, easy! In fact, the only thing they can’t provide, is a partner…..

£60 for Essential experience (ideal for weekday evenings) including venue entry, entertainment, food and drinks.
£100 for FULL experience (ideal for weekends) including venue entry, food and drink and entertainment.

All dates must be booked at least 1 week in advance

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