Packing essentials for a New Year’s Eve away from home

For centuries, people have been observing the end of one year and welcoming the beginning of another. And, the welcome for 2019 is expected to be no different! Will you be welcoming in the new year, sharing a champagne toast with friends and family? Whether you’re planning to celebrate at a house party, a lavish ball, an impressive firework display or with an overseas escape, make sure you carefully consider your packing essentials, so your celebration goes without a hitch!

Lavish ball

If an evening of luxury is more your style, you may be spending the evening dancing away with canapes and champagne at a black-tie event, a masquerade ball or for perhaps even, with a stay at the best spa hotel in York, attending their Gala Ball for an opulent celebration!

With a dress to impress dress code; employ a trusty list to help with your planning and preparation to ensure you don’t forget anything important!

Packing essentials: For a high-class celebration, make sure your black-tie attire is dry cleaned and pressed, ready to dazzle! Where required, don’t forget your masquerade mask and any co-ordinating accessories such as gloves or jewellery.

Fireworks display

Fireworks are synonymous with celebration, and, the most famous of them all are sure to be the London display. As Big Ben strikes midnight, 110,000 spectators (and the thousands more watching from the comfort of their homes) can expect the 135-metre-high London Eye to host an impressive, sparkling display, lighting up London’s skyline in an array of colours.

Packing essentials: If you’re joining a fireworks display to ring in the new year, stay warm and dry with a hat, scarf, gloves, and an umbrella to be on the safe side!

Overseas escape

Many of us may be venturing into new territories this New Years by celebrating abroad. New York City is a classic destination; for an exciting, magical experience once the clock strikes 11:59 make sure you’re watching the ball drop in times square, rubbing shoulders with approximately 1 million other revellers, while 1 ton of confetti flurries down. Alternatively, you may be visiting Europe’s biggest street party in Berlin, where you can expect live music and entertainment from Brandenburg Gate 2km down to the Victory Column! Wherever your venturing to, with millions of other people doing the same thing, come prepared and plan your night in advance!

Packing essentials: You never know what adventures you may find yourself on when travelling abroad. So, bring an outfit for every occasion to ensure you don’t miss out.

House party

House parties and gatherings with family and friends are becoming increasingly popular! ½ of brits are now expected to stay put for New Year’s Eve. Be it, your family tradition is to play games, while sharing plenty of food and drinks, waiting up to watch the countdown on TV. Or, that you wish to avoid the busy taxi ranks and queues by RSVP’ing for your friend’s house party. You don’t have to go out to have a memorable New Year’s Eve 2018!

Packing essentials: Whether a sensible gathering or an all-out party, it’s party etiquette to turn up bearing gifts. As it’s only New Year’s Eve once each year, consider going all out and gifting a bottle of champagne to see in 2019 in style!

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