In case you aren’t already in the full swing of things, London Beer Week is once again bringing beer based bonhomie and optimum good vibes across the Capital. 

As one would expect from the incredible Festival Director Ali Dedianko and her team at London’s ultimate purveyors of event based excellence Drink Up London the entire week is curated with passion and care for craft beer aficionados and beer newbies alike to explore and engage in amazing spaces, and drink the finest hop-based liquids known to humanity. 

As with its sister event London Cocktail Week, Beer Week has now gone fully digital, meaning all the best events in the palm of your hand thanks to the free app. You can now create a personal plan of your personal highlights as well as exploring all on across the week. 

For the uninitiated, the good news is that there are now incredible beer flights across the city for an insane £5, and you can also enjoy Boilermakers (or the hauf and hauf for any old Scots reading this), food pairings, brewery tours, and if you get the chance their Hub at The White Horse in Parson’s Green has a stunning 40 of London’s Craft breweries under one roof. 

Fear not, there’s still a dizzying amount of tours, pop-ups, flights and much more to get involved with, and explore the dynamic creativity and loveliness at the heart of amazing beer- we’ll drink to that. 

LONDON BEER WEEK 2018- March 12th-18th

For more information, passes and much more click here 

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