Fun Date Ideas for Couples Living Apart

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Dating is fun, but if you are forced into a period of separation for whatever reason, you can’t enjoy regular dates. This means you can’t go out for a romantic meal or take a trip to the cinema to watch a movie. Yes, living ten thousand miles apart sucks. Luckily, all is not lost and with a bit of imagination you can still enjoy romantic – and sexy – dates.

The Devil is in the Detail

Timing is everything when you are organising a date from afar. Try to get your head around the logistics well in advance, as any last minute problems could spell doom for your date. Living in different time zones will make things tricky, especially if one of you is more than a few hours ahead. There are ways to accommodate this, but you will need to be flexible about timings and willing to work with the other’s schedule.

Once you have arranged a date, the next step is to plan something fun to do. You could just sit and chat, but where would the fun be in that? After all, you can have a conversation any day of the week. Instead, put some effort into having fun together and keeping the spark alive. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

A Dinner Date

Just because you can’t sit across a table and eat a romantic meal together, it doesn’t mean a dinner date is off the cards. If you are in a similar time zone, plan a dinner date where you both order in takeaway food and sit and eat together, via Facetime or Skype video chat. You can enjoy the food, have a conversation, and treat it just like a normal date.

Watch a Movie Together

Instead of going to the cinema with your beloved, log into Netflix or some other on-demand movie service and watch the same movie. Set up an iPad or have your smartphone dialled into a video chat service. You can chat while the movie plays and critique the plot. Don’t forget the popcorn, too.

A Fifty Shades Date

If a sexy date is more your thing, have a Skype or Facetime conversation and read each other erotica from your favourite author. If you choose the right story, it will get both of you hot and bothered, so you can move on to phone sex or sexting. Or if you are feeling really adventurous, give your partner a sexy striptease or lap dance via video call.  Check out the Arousr app for ideas on how to do this right.

A Museum Date

Who says you can’t take your date out to a museum? You can do exactly that as long as you have access to a Wi-Fi service. Take a smartphone, plug in some headphones with a microphone attachment, and walk them through the exhibits. They sit at home while you give them a guided tour of the museum. Next time, they can return the favour.

It won’t be easy working around different time zones, but it can be done, so use your imagination and if all else fails, book a surprise visit to see your partner in the flesh.

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