A weekend event designed to support, educate and inspire on all aspects of the menopause.

‘Pause Live!’ is the UK’s first festival to bring awareness to menopausal symptoms and promises a host of industry experts to openly discuss the symptoms, give practical guidance and offer innovative approaches to menopause management.

The date for your diary is November 25th, when experts in the field of medicine, surgery and gynaecology, will be on hand to answer questions and give advice on the challenging time the menopause presents.

Whether you are perimenopausal and experiencing the first flushes of symptoms, have gone through the change, or are simply curious about what your body goes through during this significant time in your life, this unabridged conference will give you honest, straightforward advice on how your body is likely to transform; you can listen to lectures or book in for one to one sessions with a range of experts, covering hair, weight management, life coaching and mental health. There will also be a range of holistic wellbeing workshops including sound baths and pilates.

With a remarkable lineup of speakers, including renowned menopause specialists, leading practitioners in aesthetic medicine, trailblazers in functional medicine, and distinguished gynaecologists, including  co-founder of The Good Sleep Clinic, Clinical Psychologist. Dr Maja Schaedel. She will be joined by NHS GP and accredited Menopause Specialist  specialising in women’s health and sexual health, Dr Zoe Schaedel  (who also heads the Brighton and Hove Community NHS Menopause Clinic).

With over 30 years’ experience, aesthetic practitioner and medical educator Dr Ioannis Liakas is an experienced Menopausal Clinic Lead and advocates empowering his patients and enhancing their quality of life. Whilst, award-winning dietitian Nigel Denby  has a special interest in menopause and women’s hormonal health. He has 20 years’ experience helping midlife women to eat better, feel better and change their lives with practical and realistic advice. Based in Australia, Dr Ginni Mansberg is a GP, founder of Evidence Skincare (ESK), the author of The M Word and How to Thrive in Menopause, a TV presenter, podcaster and columnist. Dr Mansberg is a member of both the Australian and International Menopause Societies, and a founding member of the Asia-Pacific HPV Coalition.

Tickets for the event cost £29.99 and include VIP goodie bags.


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