The most comfortable fabrics for your baby

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Your baby’s skin is much softer and more sensitive than yours, and needs extra TLC, not only when it comes to baby oils and lotions, but their clothing too. From baby sleepsuits to rompers, vests to leggings, choosing the right fabrics could be the difference between a happy smiley baby to an unhappy one that refuses to settle. To ensure you have a bouncing bundle of joy, here are some of the most comfortable fabrics to dress your baby in, and why you should consider them.


When choosing clothing for your baby, it’s best to look for organic cotton instead of regular cotton. This is because organic cotton is grown without the use of dangerous fertilisers or chemicals. Not only is this kinder to babies’ skin, but clothes also made from organic cotton are more durable. This is because organic cotton fibres are longer and don’t become weakened compared with regular cotton that is picked by machine. This results in a fabric that’s much softer to touch, making it perfect for little ones.


As more and more of us consider our carbon footprint and environmental impact, investing in sustainable fashion is high on many of our agendas. And you don’t get much more sustainable than bamboo, and thanks to many other qualities it’s the perfect fabric for you and your baby. It may not look it in plant form, but bamboo fibre is softer than cotton.

Perfect for sensitive skin, bamboo is hypoallergenic, while it’s moisture-wicking capability keeps moisture away from your baby ensuring your baby’s skin becomes less irritated. Bamboo fabric also has antibacterial and odourless qualities, as well as having natural UV protection.

Polar Fleece

Polar fleece is a staple of many wardrobes – especially in the winter months, and for good reason. This plain woven, thick fabric provides much needed warmth, whilst its four-way stretch is perfect for little ones on the move, not to mention it’s water repellent. This strong, anti-fray fabric is also fire-rated, making it ideal for nightwear, scarves, jumpers, and blankets.

Loose Knit Jersey

If you’re looking for a fabric that draws moisture away from the skin, then loose knit jersey is the perfect choice. This breathable fabric also has four-way stretch without ending up misshapen over time, whilst the mid-weight fabric composition means it can be worn any time of year, either under clothes are alone.

Soft Fashion Jersey

Loved by parents around the globe, soft fashion jersey is man-made, easy to wash, and highly durable. Super-soft and amazingly stretchy, this jersey feels like a second skin for babies, making it ideal for free movement without irritation or restriction. Offering ultimate comfort, this breathable, easy-care fabric is a staple for all baby (and adult) wardrobes.

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