Nuun Kids Design

Nuun Kids DesignStyleNest love nothing more than versatile furniture, providing practical solutions for the home, space savers and penny pinching solutions to your kids needs and with Nuun Kids Design, you can achieve all three and more.

Aimed to help to stimulate creativity, development and playfulness, the Nuun Kids Design philosophy is to encourage children to grow up playing, learning and sharing. The recyclable furniture means that every eventuality and occasion is catered for and are adapted for modern homes, saving space but not sacrificing style.

Made from birch wood and natural colours to suit all aesthetics, the European design is a win win for both parents and children. Composed of four simple pieces, the osit (a baby chair), Ustructure (a structure), hchair (a chair) and Itop (a board-desk), that can all be combined.

So how does it work? The ohU transforms into the osit, a baby chair which grows with your child with two different heights, making it accessible for both babies and toddlers.

oUeat offers a high chair composed of the osit baby chair and the structure from the ohU collection, and when your little one isn’t using it, it can also be transformed into a desk and a chair and even storage space.

Taking multifunctional to the max, the ohplay offers a children’s chair composed by the osit baby chair and the chair chair. It includes a paper roll for drawing and painting, this is one chair your little one will never get bored of.

Next, the Ubdesign is a result of putting all the elements of the ohU collection together. The result, a desk that little ones can play and learn with, growing with your child with the possibility of two different desk heights.

“Part of our philosophy is that children should grow up playing, learning and sharing. This is the message we wish to transmit with our children’s furniture.”


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