Maison Noël embroidered gifts for newborns

If you’re looking for something extra special to welcome a new arrival into the world, Maison Noël’s collection of embroidered gifts is the perfect choice

Established in 1883, the French company has a long heritage of creating exquisite embroidery in its range of homewares and gifts and now has added that aesthetic to its adorable presents for newborns.

Featuring charming animal designs and that signature delicate embroidery, the baby and child collection offers the most delectable products for little ones  – and their parents –  to treasure. Sock sets and ribbon tissue boxes come adorned in pastel shades of pink and blue, making the ideal gift for a new arrival. Or for the nature-loving tot, choose from gorgeous bed linen, outfits and accessories featuring hedgehogs, dragonflies or rabbits. We can’t stop cooing over the matching bathrobe, bib and pyjamas of the ‘hedgehog’ collection. If fish are the wildlife of choice though, the ‘Marine Legend’ towel set would make an equally lovely gift to keep.

Maison Noël certainly has a sterling reputation when it comes to creating special newborn accessories; the brand embroidered cradle linen for Prince Charles. And if you happen to be lucky enough to attend a prestigious dinner event at the Palace of Versailles, you might notice their elegant tablecloths as part of the decor.

The Parisian-based house has stayed true to its quality roots by continuing to use hand embroidery to create unique designs, but has also embraced modernity through its usage of machines and an embroidery loom. Maison Noël certainly has an incredible history behind it, housing an archive of 13,000 designs which it continues to add to by inviting designers and artists to contribute new motifs, all still in keeping with the label’s style. Not many baby gifts come with that sort of prestige, right?

Shop Maison Noël’s embroidered gifts for newborns at Prices start from 28€.

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