Cuddledry Super soft bamboo toddler bath towel

If I asked you to think of something that makes that stressful time of day between 5pm and 7pm a little easier, what would you say? A miracle?

Well Cuddledry have launched a little miracle in the shape of a towel. A new range of bamboo toddler towels for ages 1-6 that make getting your little sprogs out of the bath as fun as getting in it.

This new range of super soft towels come in three adorable designs; Cuddlesaur, Cuddlepanda and Cuddlebunny. Three irresistible bath time companions, which are not only cosy and soft but so much fun too! My daughter loves her Cuddlebunny so much she literally hops out of the bath to use it.

We have played all sorts of imaginary games with her new towel and ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ has been on repeat every evening. It really is wonderful to see her imagination running wild with Cuddlebunny, complete with bunny ears and an adorable little tail. It’s generous too, with lots of fabric to wrap around keeping her snug and warm. It also has a handy little popper to keep the towel secure and is great for when she wants to run around the house, keeping the towel in place!

What’s also great about this range, is that the three designs are very gender neutral. The bunny is not a sickly pink but a lovely grey/brown colour, whilst the dinosaur and panda would suit boy or girl perfectly too.

This loveable little range is a fantastic Christmas gift that is sure to be used. Every child uses a towel to get out of the bath, so you can’t go wrong. They are also great to take swimming or to the beach for extra fun.

They come in two sizes 1-3 (£21.99) and 3-6 (£34.99) and are available from

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