Top 5 Weirdest Delivered Items from Couriers

These days delivering items are normal but there are some weirdest items that were delivered from couriers. Like one day o mom send her son a shepherd pie and turnout his other posted that pie from 450 miles away, we never know why this happened but it does happened maybe his mother wanted to send something from home we don’t know and will never know. Another weird delivered item was tooth fairy, yes it was tooth fairy now we do not know if keeping teeth under the pillow can really turn wish into reality but it was send through an overnight courier service and it was under envelope and there was a note too which says we know that human things cannot be transported by mail but please it has sentimental value for us. Another weirdest item was when a man send 80000 bricks from mail. His name was William H Coltharp he was a business man and he send 80000 brick in 1916 through mail. He made a special request about delivering those brinks and why didn’t he transported them. Well the end result was he was successful in delivering that 80000 bricks.

Another was in 1913 Beauge family said their son to his grandmother from parcel and yes he did reach there safely. He was a baby and he was of 14 pound and after delivering postman said to them don’t send him again by mail. Once a family send cat to someone and cat was alive and was packed, they did open it and checked that cat out but it’s not good to send humans or animals like that.

Now these days you cannot send animals or human through couriers it has a proper way of sending it now. There are also rules of sending things through shipping because once a man who wanted to start business in other country but production cost was very high there so he posted bricks and all the stuff through mail because from his country it was cheap so he mailed every building things from his country to other country and because there was no rule back then so they have to deliver it but now there are rules for these things taxes and many other things that you need to fulfil before shipping it.

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