Top 3 Money-saving Log Cabins at Shedstore

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Log cabins are the small log house made from wood, and metals. These have an ancient background in Europe and are used from a long time. These log cabins are best for adding extra space in your homes. You can install these log cabins in your garden to make home gym, garden office, or even a garage.

Shedstore is known to provide the best quality log cabins in UK and the prices on their website are low as compared to other brands. These log cabins are especially designed for every environment and are water-resistant which makes them more durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, you can get a price cut on your orders by simply using “Shedstore Discount Codes”.

Today in this article, we will give you a short description of 3 best log cabins which you can get from Shedstore to make extra space in your houses.

Forest Harwood Log Cabin             

This log cabin from Shedstore is compact in design and gives your garden a stylish look. The dimensions of this log cabin are 3x2m and is highly suited for small gardens. The quality of this unique log cabin is up to the mark. The floor and roof of this log cabin is made up of tear-resistant polyester and are supported by pressure treated bearers.

The price of this log cabin is £1,949 which you can reduce by using Shedstore Voucher Codes. One thing to remember is that you have to coat this log cabin in a solvent-based preservative upon the installation.

Shire Crinan Log Cabin Summerhouse

This Summerhouse or log cabin is the best you can find in the market. It is compact in size and has a long shaded roof. It is best to use as a summerhouse in your garden. The delivery charges are free on this log cabin.

Moreover, the material used in the making of this log cabin is of high quality and the wood of this Shire Carinan is dip-treated. This treatment makes it more durable and rot & fungal resistant. However, annual retreatments are need for better results. It comes up with a 10-years warranty which ensures your money safety.

This beautiful log cabin has a door and window with 3mm glass, which allows natural light to pass in the interior of the house. Also, the door has a lock which you can lock and open with a key.

Palmako Solveig Contemporary Wooden Summer House Garden Room

The Palmaki Solveig Wooden Garden house is made up of premium materials. The indoor and outer look of this beautiful garden house is designed with remarkable attention and has a lot of detailing to offer. These detailing make it look more beautiful and elegant.

This garden house is best to make home gym, home office, or an outdoor garden living room. It has enough space in which you can easily install a table set or anything to make it look like a living room, dining room, gym, or garden office.

The design is beautiful and sleek and will give your garden an elegant and eye-catching look. Moreover, the roof of this beautiful log cabin is edged with metal and has a drainpipe which make it water-resistant and ensure that it doesn’t get rotten or damaged in periods of heavy rain.

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