Spruce Up Your Home This Springtime

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Over the years, we tend to acquire way too many possessions and things that we may not need to keep. A lot of people know this, and have had ‘declutter’ on their to-do list for quite some time; others really don’t think all that much about it because they can still make their homes look really tidy but spring is the best time to do it. Having all this junk in your home doesn’t really do a great deal for your comfort. So perhaps it’s time that you actually make the time to declutter your household. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Whether you’re looking for a way to make your home less stressful, or you’re moving home and want to reduce your packing needs, the most important thing is to clear things out and get things ready for spring. 

Schedule your spring clean 

A schedule is pretty much key to anything you want to accomplish in life, and decluttering is no exception. Make sure you have the time to do this; book time off of work if you have to. Pick a day, pick a time, pick a room. Even if you dedicate an hour a day to a room and complete the task over the course of a week, you’re still making progress and this is OK. This is what you need. 

Start with the big stuff

If you’re looking to really make some space in your home, then it’s best to deal with the big stuff first. Do you have too many chairs? A spare spare bed? A bookshelf that doesn’t actually contain any books? A sofa bigger than you require? Then start with those. Move them into the attic, or hire a van to get it out of your sight for good. The problem with any smaller objects is the fact that they may hold sentiment value but you don’t want to get rid of everything, make a choice of a select few. You can look into strategies if you’re really serious about getting rid of the clutter in your home, there are plenty of blogs that can assist you. 

Donating and selling during your spring clean 

When you’re sorting out all this junk, it’s best to sort things into piles that you can give to charities or thrift stores. Throw the stuff away if you know you really don’t want it of course. If you know that you can’t sell or donate something, and it inspires no positive feelings within you, then you need to get rid of it responsibly. If you’ve collected a lot of this sort of thing, then get someone round with a van who can either dispose of it or recycle it. You should be left with a much clearer home, as well as a clearer mind and it is ready to be improved and redesigned if you should wish. 

Once you have cleansed the whole house you can look at the improvements of your home which can come in phases. 

You may want to upgrade your home with new furniture and new renovations. You may have looked somewhere such as Granite Transformations Ipswich to get a brand new kitchen, after all it’s the heartbeat of your house. Look at giving it a lick of paint, some new wallpaper and perhaps even some new ornaments to make the home more spring ready. Of course during this time, we experience a lift of pollen and this can make living at home more difficult and during the current times, being at home is going to be coming more and more popular. There is very little you can do to lift your spirits out of the depths of demotivation when hay fever strikes. Although a hugely common ailment that affects millions of people, it can be difficult to know what to try and what will be beneficial in the long run. Those warm spring days at home are joyful, but the second we open our windows for a welcomed breeze, we’re involuntarily allowing all those pesky pollen to sweep through our homes.

Keeping our homes free from germs and impurities can be a lengthy task; and searching for quick home remedies is key, especially as we all live such busy, hectic lives. Hayfever and allergies can strike all year round, and the sources range from pollen, grass, dust and mold. As drastic as this seems, carpets harbour many dust mites and can be a huge contributory factor to allergies. Whilst redecorating and relaying wooden floors may be difficult and drastic, it is worth looking into for long-term solutions, and it also saves on having to clean your carpets. Being more eco conscious and friendly will also help. 

Potted plants can also be a culprit, so limit the types of plants you keep around the house. Begonias, cactus and geraniums are good alternatives and are still beautiful to have around the house. Succulents are also a good alternative which take very little caring for. Wash your dishes as soon as possible without allowing them to sit and gather dirt, and be sure to scrub your surfaces daily with water and detergent. It’s not just the dishes you should be washing too, on high pollen days, washing your hair and changing your clothes when arriving home can help to prevent spreading pollen to your home surfaces such as sofas, cushions and bedding.

Keep those windows closed when the pollen count is high, and allow your air to be cleansed. Purchasing a good air purifier, will allow fresh clean air to flow around your house. This isn’t just perfect for allergy sufferers, fresher air keeps you healthier and happier. It’s a great investment and proven to be beneficial. Having your home too humid can breed unwanted bacteria too, maintaining a temperature between 68F (20C) and 72F (22C) throughout your home can help prevent this. Plus, if you’re a smoker, ensure strictly, that you always smoke outside and not in the house.

In essence, you can have the home of your dreams, ready and waiting for you this spring! 

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