Simba Hybrid Double Mattress Review

A few weeks ago, I was sent a Simba Hybrid Double Mattress to review, and here’s how I got on…

After ordering my mattress I was offered a specific slot to have it delivered, meaning I’d be in and not posed with that awkward missed-post conundrum. When the drivers were on their way, I even received a call that day to say they’d be about an hour. A brilliantly helpful start to my Simba experience, it really does make a difference. When they arrived, my old mattress was taken away to be recycled, which I thought a perfect perk. That was part of the Arrow XL 2-man delivery service, and there’s also standard UPS delivery available too.

The drivers then placed the new Simba Hybrid Double Mattress (£599) onto our bedframe and told me within hours it would have risen from fairly flat to its natural Simba state. The transformation was incredible, and I’m still in awe of how easily the mattress was delivered and installed. Becoming the actual 5-layered size that it is, I couldn’t wait to sink into bed later. And trust me, I would not be disappointed.

To set the scene, Simba mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee, and you can pick your size. Ranging from single to super king size and even emperor, there’s a mattress to fit every bed frame, within UK and EU requirements. One of the first things I noticed was that the top layer can be unzipped and machine washed. So, if you have little ones like me, who love nothing more than a snuggle and a snack in my bed (!), there’s much less to worry about. These intuitive touches are what sets Simba apart from the rest, and why I am such a fan of the brand.

Passionate about sustainability, Simba aim to create the lowest environmental impact possible. They also use foams which have been granted the CertiPUR label, ensuring they’ve got no destructive agents or unwanted chemicals in them and are completely safe for use.

Designed to cater for all sleep preferences, the Simba Hybrid has both a flexible zoned base and unique patented springs, which react to each sleeper. Meaning the entire bed doesn’t jiggle about when your partner turns over basically. Trust me, this design inclusion really makes a difference.

The mattress surface is fresh, focusing on temperature control. A breathable mattress, it is cooling too. There are 5 layers within the mattress, and this covers 2,500 conical springs as well. Finally, the mattress base is a supportive layer which features 7 different zones.

To put it simply, the Simba Hybrid is your ideal mattress combination. It is extremely comfortable and supportive at the same time. They have nailed the surface configuration, and their layers are pure sleepy magic.

The 100-night trial offering a free return won’t be necessary, as our mattress is absolute heaven. I now can’t wait to go back to sleep. Is it bedtime yet?

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