How to turn your house into a castle

Your house is supposed to be your castle. It’s that one place in the whole world where you should always be able to find peace and comfort. The point is that it’s not at all about how much space you have and how much money you’ve spent on furnishing it. The really important thing is the sense of security you get every time you step into your home after even a few days of absence. The familiarity of it. And the knowledge that it’s yours to enjoy and yours to change. Speaking of changes, if you really want to feel like a king or queen of your own castle, there are a few design elements worth considering.

Brighten up your house

We often associate the comfort level of a house with its size. Yet, building an extension is not always possible. And if you don’t really feel like moving to a different place, gaining additional space may not be an option. But if you can’t expand your building, there’s another solution you can go for, and that’s creating an illusion of a bigger space. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve with a smart design plan. If you want your interior to appear larger than it actually is there are three simple things you need: mirrors, glass and light. Big windows will let a lot of natural light inside, which will make it look airy and bright, while mirrors and glass elements will reflect the sunlight and disperse it across the rooms. The only thing limiting you here is your imagination, you can go with big wall mirrors, reflective tiles or even a glass stairs design.

Take care of the exterior

You want your house to look great, and you probably want other people to appreciate it as well. However, achieving this goal will not be possible without making sure it looks appealing both inside and on the outside. Something as simple as decluttering and tidying up the driveway can make a big difference. Add to that a nice, even pathway leading to your front door, with some plants along it, and you won’t recognise your own home. You can also play with the colours a bit. If repainting your doors is too much of a statement, you can always hang nice curtains in your front windows to add some variety to the whole look.

Make your garden special

Living in a house has one significant advantage over living in a flat, and it’s a garden. For many people, it’s the main reason for choosing to invest their life savings into a property. Having that personal green space to spend relaxing time in is a dream of many. But then you buy a house, and after some time you realise that most of your time is spent inside. This can be changed with a good project. If you go about it the right way, you can gain more living space by creating an additional seating area in your garden. Building a patio and furnishing it with comfortable chairs will create a unique and relaxing atmosphere. And if you find the perfect sun canopy for your house, you’ll be able to enjoy it no matter the weather.

Don’t waste your attic

Many people don’t realise that their houses are actually much bigger than they think. That’s because an attic is often treated simply as a storage space. And it doesn’t have to be that way. If your building meets the requirements set by the building regulations, you’ll be able to get a permit and convert your attic into a spacious loft of your dreams. Think about how much additional space you can gain. Whether you choose to use it as a living room or transform the whole loft into an en suite bedroom is completely up to you but, whatever you decide on, remember to implement proper ventilation and insulation. Such rooms can easily heat up during summer months, so it’s better to take care of such issues early on.

To make your house feel like home you should personalise it. It’s your private space where you can express yourself and make any changes you see fit. Don’t just focus on the current trends in interior design but be creative and look for solutions that will speak to you.

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