How to stick to budget when buying a lodge

Buying a lodge is one of the best decisions you could make for your holiday. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that millions of people choose to venture to lodge holiday homes every year – many more than once – for unbelievable experiences and unforgettable memories.

However, although you may be desperate to experience this incredible wonder for yourself, and consider becoming a holiday home owner, it’s likely that you’re looking at the wide range of lodges available across the UK, and thinking – how do I make sure I stick to my budget?

Despite this thought sounding quite daunting, we’re here to let you know that it needn’t be, because there are many ways you can effectively manage your budget when buying a lodge.

This will allow you to have your dream holiday, at essentially, your dream price.

  1. Find the best holiday parks

One of the most vital things to do, in order to stick to your budget, is to ensure that you’re finding lodges from the best holiday parks.

With countless holiday parks up and down the UK, there are multiple sites offering different prices for different qualities of lodge. All you need to do, is pick a trusted, expert lodge provider – might we suggest owning a lodge with Away Resorts, for instance.

This will enable you to explore the best range of lodges, at the most competitive prices on the market, as well as receiving professional advice from experts, who will match your holiday needs and budget with the perfect lodge.

You can be confident, knowing every penny spent has been returned to you tenfold, in the form of an incredible lodge, and an amazing holiday experience.

  1. Determine your number of guests

Another great way of sticking to your budget, is by determining the number of guests you’re looking to accommodate, when on holiday.

Different lodges will help meet different spatial requirements, so knowing this beforehand will allow you to house every guest, without overspending on unneeded space.

For example, if you’re wanting a family or friends’ holiday with up to eight guests, you’ll realistically have a bigger budget, as larger lodges – like superior lodges, for instance – will be on the pricier side. This is a good budget match for your needs.

However, if you’re wanting a couple’s retreat for you and your partner, it could be wise to opt for a more compact lodge, that gives you enough space to comfortably enjoy your stay, without stretching your budget needlessly on space you won’t use.

Being conscious of your group size is essential for finding the best lodge for your exact budget.

  1. Avoid unnecessary expenses

It’s also important to check the range of features and additional things each lodge is offering, as this will help you stick to a budget suited for your specific needs.

For example, you might be needing a lodge that comes with a range of different features, providing endless entertainment for your guests. This can include things like high-tech TVs, built-in private hot-tubs, and great entertainment systems like Bluetooth speakers.

This way, whether it’s you and your family, or maybe a partner, everything you spend is worth it, for the fantastic features that are bound to blow you away.

However, these features might not appeal to your holiday idea as much, if you potentially plan on spending most of your time exploring outside of the lodge. In this case, you should opt for a more affordable option, that removes all the unnecessary features you won’t fully use, and gives you the basic necessities to fulfil your holiday preferences.

With a clearer idea of your needs, you can avoid unnecessary expenses, and remain more closely to your budget.

  1. Pick the ideal locations

When buying a lodge, you must explore all the various locations across the UK, to see what’s offered by each holiday park you can purchase a lodge from. Expenses don’t just come from the lodge itself, but the holiday experiences the lodge provides.

For instance, if you have a bigger budget, you can choose a lodge located near something like an adventure park, where you can enjoy new thrills each day, without the risk of overspending.

If you want a more affordable holiday, ensure that your lodge is located in a holiday park offering plenty of cheap, if not free, experiences. This can include scenic nature walks, community events and games, or the simple yet precious experience of stargazing outside your front door on your outdoor furniture.

Each holiday location will offer different experiences at different price ranges, so choosing the right one is crucial for optimal spending.

With these essential tips, you can ensure that you embark on the most unforgettable, spectacular dream holiday, all whilst remaining ever so close to your specified holiday budget.

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