How to Make Your Rented Property Feel Like Home

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There are a lot of us renting properties these days, and the age and demographic of those who are letting flats and houses in cities across the UK has become increasingly varied in recent years. This is largely thanks to rising house prices and the increasing popularity of city centre living.

With more of us living in a property that isn’t ours, it can be hard to make the place feel like home. If you’re renting a flat, you’ll know how restricted you are when it comes to furnishing the space. However, there are some things you can do to make it feel like it’s yours while staying within the clauses of your tenancy agreement.

Get Painting

While painting the living room bright purple without permission isn’t advisable, giving the walls a fresh colour can make a huge difference. Depending on how lenient your landlord is, you might be able to get away with adding a vibrant pop of green or blue on one wall, or you could refresh the existing magnolia walls with a no-nonsense neutral, such as a light grey or a stone-coloured beige.

If your flat is on the small side, painting the walls white is a simple way of opening up the space. It complements an array of colours, so whatever accessories you introduce, the white walls will never clash.


On the subject of accessories, these are the easiest way to inject your own personal style into the property. You can create your own colour scheme to suit your tastes by adding a throw in your favourite colour over the sofa, along with some cushions.

Adding a rug and some plush curtains will bring everything together. As well as looking good, a new mat will protect carpets and flooring, while curtains can add a layer of privacy.

Go Green

Plants and flowers can bring colour and life into a room. Whether you’re a green-fingered pro or you tend to kill bonsais within a week, there is a plant out there for your flat or house.

If you’re working full-time, go for plants that require little effort. Cacti are still very popular right now and can be picked up cheaply from garden centres, while air plants don’t need much attention and can be hung on walls, making for attractive additions around the home.

Make it Personal

As well as hanging plants, prints, posters and photos are an easy way to personalise things. By adding comforting items that you know, you’re instantly creating a welcoming feel to the rented property. Furniture and other items you’ve collected over the years will also make you feel right at home, so bring the sideboard from your childhood bedroom and add in the lamp from your student house to your current rented space.

Do you have any top tips for making a rental property feel like home.

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