How to choose the right bath for your bathroom

Updating your bath can provide a fresh look for your bathroom. The bath you choose will usually come down to the size and shape of your bathroom however this shouldn’t limit your options. The bath is the focal point of the bathroom so don’t hold back your creativity! Here are a few of the considerations you should undertake when choosing a new bath.


It may be one of the least exciting considerations, but it is the most practical and necessary. You need to consider what you want from your new bath. Does it need to be multi-functional? If so, like most of the country, maybe a shower bath combination is for you. It’s no real surprise that shower baths are the most popular type of bath in the UK, thanks to their ability to be perfectly practical in smaller bathrooms. Shower baths are suitable for most bathroom spaces and are a serious space saver, along with being a great option if you want the relaxation of a bath but the practicality of a shower.

If you like to share relaxation with a loved one, you may want to consider a Double Ended bath. This ensures that the tap is in the center of the bath rather than at one end, and most double ended baths can comfortably fit two people.

If you are after that spa like feel, consider a whirlpool bath. There are so many benefits to hydrotherapy including increased circulation and muscle and joint relief. The jets in a whirlpool bath provide deep massage and would make a great, relaxing, addition to any bathroom.


If you are looking to save some money, acrylic is the most cost effective and popular material at current. If you are wanting to invest a little more in your bath, steel tubs are fantastic for retaining heat.


It is important to make sure your bathroom aesthetic is in keeping with the rest of your home. If you prefer a more traditional look you may want to consider a roll top bath, as this style is freestanding and scream classic indulgence. If your taste is more modern, there are a real variety of big impact freestanding baths that provide a chic bathroom vibe.

If you’re super short on space, corner baths provide a stylish option for the smaller bathroom, with sleek, their sleek curved edges providing a clean look.


If you have an abundance of bath products you may want to look into shelving options. Freestanding baths do not usually come complete with a build in a shelving level, whereas shower and corner baths have more of an abundance of space. If you do still want to go ahead with a free-standing number, it may be wise to look into a bath caddy.


If you are short on space, it’s understandable that you may want to free up as much floor space as possible. Corner baths are a great option in a tighter space as they can fit in bathrooms without a large wall. Whilst they do fit compactly into corner, this particular style of bath has a tendency to use more hot water in order to be filled, which may be a point to consider. Single and double ended baths are also a great option for the space conscious, as they are fitted against walls, providing more floor space. The range of Bathroom Suites from Better Bathrooms fit this mould perfectly, and are great for maximising the area that you are working with.

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