DIY tips for converting your garage

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Whether you want an at-home office, gym or even a spare room, you can easily transform your garage into a more useful space. While you may have to get the go-ahead from your local authority, converting a garage is a fairly straight-forward process that can become a great project for you to get stuck into.

Most people will require a helping hand when it comes to installing windows, plug sockets and the like, but there are plenty of things you can do yourself to pinch some pennies and get a headstart in it all. Not sure where to get started or what to take on first? Follow our tips to kickstart your garage conversion the right way.


First things first have a good clear out of your garage. It’s easy to let clutter build up in this area, particularly if you have used it as storage previously. Organise the items you need into boxes and move them into a secure storage unit, throwing away or donating the items you know you won’t use again. By putting your belongings into a storage unit, you still have instant access to them whenever you may need them without cluttering up your home or garage. You don’t want your new conversion to turn into another untidy storage space, after all, or simply move the mess into another room.

Draw a floorplan

Now that your garage is neat and tidy, you can start planning your conversion. Draw a floorplan of your garage as accurately as possible before adding in all of the features you want. If you want a home gym, for example, draw where all of the exercise machines would go and any additional plug sockets you would need to add, as well as additional decorative items such as mirrors and lights.

By doing so, you can deal with potential issues and iron out the layout of your conversion before making any purchases. You may find you can’t fit in your essentials without making significant changes, and you certainly don’t want to find this out at the last minute. This is cheaper than hiring somebody to build something that won’t work in the long run, or purchasing items that won’t fit. Either one can significantly delay your conversion, as well as being costly.

Consider what you need

The more unique features you add, the pricier your conversion will become. Do you need plumbing, electricity, heating or any other additions? You want to factor this into your budget and think about which options may be best, as installing any of them can be costly. Plumbing is a good choice for those looking to install a studio, bathroom or kitchenette, although it isn’t always necessary. Your current heating and cooling system may support another room, so make sure to call up your provider before buying anything else.

Calculate costs before starting

A garage conversion can be costly, with the standard choice adding up to around £4,995 to £7,500. Consider how much you’re willing to spend on this project overall and look into the price of the features you want before going ahead with anything, taking time to find the best deals. This ensures you have a price point to stick to, making you less likely to splurge and blow your budget in one go further down the line.

By having an idea of how much things cost before getting started, you can haggle on quotes for supplies and have an understanding as to how much saving you have to do. Not only that, but you can make a more accurate timeline of the project based on your monthly budget.

Start your garage conversion the right way by sitting down and planning the above aspects before getting started. By doing so, you’ll have a clean space to get started with as well as an insight as to how much money you can expect to pay for any required installations and services.

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