Alexandra von Furstenberg

Alexandra Von Furstenberg StackedIf you love Diane Von Furstenberg then you will love Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s Acrylic Furniture and Accessories homeware collection. 

With royal blood in her family and image director for DvF, the former daughter-in-law to Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexandra von Furstenberg has a wealth of design under her belt.

Starting by designing acrylic tables for her own home, Alexandra soon began to promote her ideas for other homes and in 2008, her first collection was born.

After studying at Parsons School of Design and Brown University, Alexandra joined mother-in-law Dian von Furstenberg at DVF as Creative Director and later as Director of Image. Here, she helped to relaunch the iconic wrap dress as well as being an integral part of the brand.

Inspired by the 1970s, Alexandra created a collection symbiotic of both fashion and furniture, marrying the style of home and art through acrylic.

From tabletop accessories such as trays and bows, the collection adds pops of fresh colour to any minimalist home, as well as creating a stylish feature when stacked.

StyleNest love how the light catches the transparent acrylic and bounces through the smooth lines for a clean and sleek finish. Whether your home is classic and traditional, art deco and retro or minimalist and modern, a touch of acrylic with bold pops of colour can transform your room.

If you are looking for a striking side table to inject some neon brights into your home or that perfect backgammon board you’ve been searching for, then the Alexandra von Furstenberg collection will offer you an acrylic menu to choose from.

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