Adding Style to Your Home Through Windows

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Whether you are redecorating your home or are in the process of a fresh build, one issue that will have crossed your mind is what to do with your windows. To many people, windows are just a hole in the wall that help to provide light and ventilation; however, with the right tactics, windows can drive the style of your home.

What Makes Windows So Important?

Windows are a natural object of attention since they usher in the light. You also need to cover them up to create some buffer against prying eyes, and most people do this by using curtains – another way in which windows call for attention and establish their dominance in a room. Given how easily the window lends itself to attention, it makes sense that you can easily play around with the design and style of your home simply by changing one or two features of your windows. Here are some classy ideas to consider:

Picture Windows at the Corners

If your home is under construction or you are still planning the project, this is a nice idea to consider, particularly if you have expansive greens or an amazing view. Picture windows, as their name implies, are large windows often spanning the height of an entire wall, and thereby providing a clear picture of the immediate surroundings.

Wrapping Around the Corner

This idea is a modification of the previous one – it allows you to maximise the view around your home without necessarily having picture windows. The concept is the same at heart but can be executed with regular-sized windows. Unlike picture windows, you may augment this style by adding other features such as a decorative protector grill.

Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows are windows that are set, almost like a wedge between the wall and the ceiling, providing ample wall space while also controlling the flow of light into the room in a targeted manner. They have a long history in terms of architecture – dating all the way back to Egyptian civilisation, and can truly add certain amount of class to your home.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames wrapped around glass panes work very well and are a simple idea to implement. Whether you are going for the rustic feel, or you prefer a more modern look, wooden frames are sure to stand out, and can be made to work in pretty much any context. To learn more about implementing wooden frames with your existing windows, you could look up Windows Sutton Coldfield for advice.

Decorative External Grill

An external grill is an essential safety feature that helps to keep intruders out, but can also help to keep the little ones in (if you have any). In addition to helping to secure your home, they are sometimes available in ornate designs, which can be a nice feature to project the aura of prosperity, and improve kerb appeal. When choosing external grills, be sure to choose ones that match the style and colour of your home.

When it comes to adding style to your home, the range of possibilities is almost endless, so remember to let your creativity run free. While the ideas we have shared are a good starting point, some are more suitable for fresh construction projects, while others can be adopted on the fly.

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