7 Best Living Room Rug Ideas That Complement Your Decor

Photo Credit: Vecislavas Popa, www.pexels.com

Rugs and carpets may seem insignificant to some, but they play a vital role in your living room’s appearance and feels. The second you lay a beautiful rug down, you begin to sense a significant change.

Gone are the days of wall-to-wall carpets. There’s a new kid in town: Area rugs. 

Luckily, you can find a variety of area rugs on the market offering incredible designs and elegance. Whatever ideas you may have, now is the time to execute them as the Internet is overwhelmed by inexpensive rugs, coming in all colours, shapes, and sizes.

Things to Consider When Buying a Living Room Rug

  • Size: Your rug has to fit the scale of your room
  • Comfort: Make sure it feels nice and cozy underfoot
  • Color: Rugs look great with at least two of your accent colors
  • Style: Rug styles are almost neutral—it’s the color you should worry about, not the pattern
  • Care: Check the maintenance and cleaning of the rug you’re considering.

Measure the rug you’re considering to make sure it fits your living area. Most designers recommend a rug large enough to cover your conversation area. In terms of designs, they are so versatile you can mix whatever your heart desires with a suitable decor style.

That said, choosing the perfect rug for your living room can be challenging. Therefore, we’re here to help you with some amazing rug ideas you can implement to make your living room a dream come true.

1. Mid-century Modern Rugs

Who doesn’t love the colorful furniture of mid-century modern decorating? In the majority of decor styles, area rugs are the most suitable place to incorporate vibrant colors. 

Remember, colored furniture and clean lines are often the focal points in mid-century modern style, so make sure your area rug has a bold pattern instead. 

Contemporary modern rugs manufactured today draw freely on inspirations from the work of leading abstract painters of the late 20s and 50s, such as Picasso, Miro, Piet Mondrian, and Klee, combined with cutting-edge innovations from contemporary architectural. 

Therefore, if you have a taste for the abstract, simplicity of Modern interior decor, consider looking into some quality rugs in this style.

2 . Pompom Rugs

One of the most festive and playful rug ideas, Pompom rugs are essentially a DIY rug you can create using pom-poms in bright, involving colors. It’s the best gift you can give to your living room. 

Here are some easy DIY tips:

  • Gather the essentials: Spools of yarn, wooden frame, scissors, and plastic rug grid
  • Wrap the yarn around the wooden frame
  • Cut the yarn in between
  • Tie the pom-poms on the rug
  • Let your feet enjoy the rug.

3. Carpet-Tile Rugs

With lots of designs, it can be overwhelming to decide which carpet tiles to choose from. But wait, you don’t quite have to! 

Carpet-tile rugs allow you to create your own customised rug and place it in your living area. A good option for this particular style is to use the sticky back carpet-tiles to make a solid pattern on the floor. You can also attach your carpet-tiles together and bind the entire thing with Instabind. It’s the type of rug you ou can move around to wherever it fits your decor.

Carpet-tile rugs are now trending everywhere. Homeowners embrace them as they not only decrease costs but also increase their options regarding design and repair. 

4. Tropical Inspired Area Rugs

If you prefer a more tropical style but don’t want the flashy themed decor, consider a bold area rug for your living room. 

The big pattern and vibrant colours would be overwhelming for a chair or sofa, but strike the perfect tone on your floor space. You can choose accent colors from your rug’s palette in artwork and throw pillows for a more pulled-together look.

5. Boho Pink Area Rugs

If you want some boho colour but aren’t quite ready to paint extremely bright colors, incorporating a vibrant rug is everything you need. 

Remember, bright colours look more natural and comfortable when they are on the floor, so this could be your chance to indulge in a fancy hue. Wouldn’t you just love the quick transformation of your room with that one solid item?

6. Chic Rugs or Cushy Bathmats

Almost every family has towels they don’t use. Therefore, it only makes sense to braid and turn them into a nice cushy bathmat or chic rug.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Gather the essentials: Cutting mat, scissors, rotary cutter, needle, pins, and thread
  • Cut the towels into strips with a rotary cutter and cutting mat 
  • Line up three strips and cut the borders off if necessary
  • Pin and sew them together, then remove the pin
  • Fold in the sides of one strip toward the centre
  • Now, fold in half
  • Next, pin to secure, then repeat down the full length of the strip
  • Repeat with the other two strips
  • Braid the three strands, removing the pins while doing so
  • As you reach the bottom, sew more strips on and keep going until you run out
  • Sew the bottom to secure
  • Finally, twist the long braided rope into a coil and sew them together.

7. Neutral Rugs

A neutral rug is the most ideal foundation for living rooms rich in color, texture or pattern as they play the role of a pastel canvas, enabling pretty much all experiments and combinations.

If you are concerned about finding an area rug that will last you longer and go with your multiple decor iterations, it’s time to consider a beautiful neutral rug. 

You can add a bit of sophistication to your living space with a smooth, handcrafted neutral rug. For instance, the caramel hand-knotted rug from Serena & Lily brings a dash of desert-inspired style to your living room while retaining that classic beauty.

Wrapping Up

Finding a rug that seamlessly frames your living room is no piece of cake. 

Size, shape, colour, pattern, texture—these all are variables you must consider, along with the tenacious doubt of whether or not it will complement your existing furniture. One misstep, not to mention costs, can throw the whole living room off balance.

If you made it this far, it’s safe to assume that you’ve considered at least one of the seven best living room rug ideas mentioned above. Leave a comment below and let us know whatever thoughts or suggestions you may have regarding living room area rugs.

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