6 Ways to Re-Style Your Bedroom for Less

Photo Credit: Vlada Karpovich via www.pexels.com

A bedroom should be a sanctuary of peace and comfort, but you can often be stressed by clutter and bored by old, tired furniture and dated decor. Millions of pounds are spent every year on bedroom style upgrades, but with our six tips, you can breathe fresh life into an old bedroom without breaking the bank.

Add Life and Colour with Plants

A cheap, quick, and fun way to breathe some life into a tired style and add some colour to your bedroom is with plants.

You don’t have to choose flowering plants for colour; there are plenty of plants out there with colourful leaves and shapes that can bring some vibrance into your room all year round. Even if you have allergies to flowers and plants, or you haven’t got green fingers, you can still get the same effect from plastic plants. Plastic succulent plants have become stylish recently, and often come in cute and contemporary styled pots that can add some colour and shape to a shelf or the corner of a room.

Upcycle Your Old Bedroom Furniture

Are you bored of your old bedroom furniture? Why not try upcycling your tired wardrobe and bedside tables into something more chic and stylish?

Upcycling has become really popular over the last couple of years, with people spending a couple of hours restyling an old piece of furniture with some paint and stencilling and finding new uses for tired old furniture from all over the home. Giving an old mirror some glitz and glamour with some gold leaf can give one of your walls a whole new look.

Paint a Feature Wall

Painting a whole room can take forever, cost the earth, and fill your room with fumes for weeks. Painting a feature wall, however, can be done in an afternoon and make a huge change to your room’s style.

It doesn’t cost much to do either. All you need to paint the average chimney breast is a medium-sized tin of paint that shouldn’t cost you more than ten or fifteen pounds. Choose a bold colour that complements your existing colour scheme. You can paint a wall in less than a day, but start early. This will give the paint longer to dry so you shouldn’t be choked with paint fumes when you go to sleep in the evening.

Get a New Mattress in a Sale

For some extra style and luxury, without breaking the bank, try and bag yourself a new mattress in a seasonal sale or from a special offer.

We spend a third of our lives asleep, or we should be trying to, and even more of our time lounging in our bed and listening to music, reading, or watching television. You can make a huge change to your life, and to the decor of your room, with a new mattress. The Mattress Guide has more information on how to find the best quality mattress in the UK. They know all about what makes the best mattress, and with their help, you can find the best mattress for you. Look out for the right sale or special offer so you can get a better night’s sleep and a better looking bedroom.

Use Smart Storage to Clear the Clutter

Clutter is one of the biggest problems in most people’s bedrooms. Even if you keep it neat and tidy, it is still hard to find a place to put everything.

There are some great smart storage ideas out there that are perfect for the bedroom and some of them might not cost you a penny. Ladder shelves are a popular storage idea, and can easily bring some style to the corner of the room while giving you plenty of extra storage space from a very small footprint. You can make your own using an old ladder and the shelves from an old bookcase. Spray paint the ladders in a suitable matt black paint, or metallic silver colour if that suits your room better. Then you can paint the shelves to add extra colour or colours for your room.

Search for Free Furniture from Local Sources

Your local newspaper still has ads for cheap and free furniture, believe it or not, and there are thriving local marketplaces on sites like Facebook and Gumtree that often have some amazing bargains.

You can find everything from quirky and interesting antiques if that is your thing, to brand new or months old bedroom sets that need to be moved quickly because of a house move. Many large items like wardrobes and beds are often being given away because they don’t fit in someone’s new space. If you know a man with a van, or you are one, then you can get some amazing bargains.

True style and elegance cost nothing, and with some of our six tips, you don’t need to spend a penny to restyle your bedroom.

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