3 Ways to Add Character to Your House

Photo Credit: Vecislavas Popa, www.pexels.com

Everyone wants a house to feel like home, with a personal touch that is warm, welcoming and inviting. However, if your current house feels a little too bland and non-descript, then don’t worry, as with some consideration and planning, you can transform your home to meet your needs much more effectively.

Read on for some easy and efficient ways to bring some much-needed character into your house, to make your home feel like your own.

Choose a colour scheme that reflects your personality 

Your use of colour can say a lot about you and your personality, and naturally, it can impact the mood and style of any home. While there are lots of design rules about how to use colour effectively in a living space, you should also keep your personal tastes in mind too.

Cool, blue colours might be a great way of increasing a sense of space in a small room, but if you don’t personally find that colour very appealing, it will only leave you feeling dissatisfied. Instead, approach your use of colour intuitively, selecting shades that feel good, and balancing this with a smart, stylish approach to creating a colour scheme, either by changing up the colours on your walls or adding some carefully chosen accessories.

This will result in a home that truly reflects you, while still looking sophisticated and appealing.

Revamp your windows 

Windows are one of the immediate focal points of any home and can say a lot about the space within. There are several great ways to improve the look of your window, from a sash window replacement to adding new trims or grillwork.

You might also want to freshen up windows from within, by replacing existing curtains or blinds to add an extra pop of colour or texture to a room. Swapping out heavy, overbearing curtains for a more stylish alternative is a simple and effective way of making a room feel modern and fresh.

Add an extra space 

If your home isn’t quite meeting the needs of your family, then it might be worth considering a renovation to add some more room to your existing house. Unused spaces, such as lofts or cellars, can be great opportunities to add an extra bedroom or study, and can make your home feel much more spacious in the long run. With some careful planning, they can be a stylish and natural part of your current home, without looking obtrusive or tacked on.

Take a look at touchstonelofts.co.uk for ideas on loft conversions. These can range from simply adding some extra storage space, to creating a whole new bedroom or en-suite bathroom. Cellars, meanwhile, have all kinds of potential uses, from an extra bedroom to a new living area or home office.

While these can certainly be much more costly projects, over time, they can both add some serious character to your home, and boost the value of your property, making them great investments for the future.

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