3 Reasons Why Cleaning is So Important

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No matter what job you do for a living, it’s important that your workplace is clean and hygienic for so many different reasons. After all, a tidy desk equals a tidy mind! Whether it’s for your health, safety or productivity, you should be aware of how important it is to take time out to clean.

Busy schedules can often mean seemingly menial cleaning jobs fall to the bottom of your to-do list, but ensuring a clean work area can have impacts on all areas of business.

Improvements To Employee Health

Germs are known to spread quickly in the often confined spaces of the workplace, so it is important to maintain high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Special attention should be paid to areas which experience high levels of traffic such as bathrooms, break rooms and kitchens, as germs can quickly accumulate in these areas.

Research by Kimberley-Clark found that workplace break rooms have almost 30,000 germs per square inch on areas such as handles, sink taps and doorknobs. It is important to invest in antibacterial cleaning products which can be used within these places on at least a daily basis. Don’t forget the likes of keyboards and computer mice too!

Another common issue in workplace environments is the rapid growth of mould, which can have serious impacts on health. Warm and humid environments are the most likely places for mould germination to take place, so regular cleaning is required to reduce any risk.

There are air filtration systems in many workplaces which need to be cleaned regularly, as these are breeding grounds for potential mould problems which you might not usually think about!

Essential To Workplace Safety

An unorganised, dirty environment can create occupational hazards in the workplace, as you or your colleagues may not easily identify potential risks. The majority of occupational hazards are caused when employers neglect the business, or when workers are not aware of cleaning procedures.

A great example is the maintenance of clean and dry floors, which can help prevent trips and falls. There are a variety of cleaning products available which will work better in different environments. For example, alkaline-based cleaning products are ideal for floors in restaurants, but acidic cleaners are perfect for removing rust and residues.

The best option is to purchase products from a knowledgeable supplier, who will be able to offer advice about which products will protect yet thoroughly clean your flooring.

Improvements To Productivity

If the workers are negatively impacted by a poor cleaning schedule through illnesses or injury, the productivity level of the whole business will decrease. An ill or injured colleague will not be able to complete their tasks with the same ability as a fit and healthy person, which can have serious impacts on the business.

It is not just the impacts of poor health and safety standards which can affect productivity. Cleaning the workplace can actually help employees work more efficiently. By encouraging employees to take responsibility for the cleaning of their own areas, the workplace will be more organised. A tidy and clutter-free environment will improve both workflow and morale, which will lead to improved levels of productivity throughout the team.

Providing employees with a clean and safe environment does not need to be a difficult challenge. All industries will benefit from investing in great cleaning products and a well-timed schedule, leading to improvements in employee health, reductions in the number of sick leave days and also increased productivity levels.

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